The Bookshelf Begins

So after many years of blogging and many MANY years as an avid reader both for pleasure and for study I have decided to cut a little corner out of the web to call my own and make it a humble collection of my thoughts on the books I’m reading, the books that I love as well as literary and publishing based issues that I feel the desire to discuss.  I have no idea if anyone will ever read this blog or follow it or care enough to comment on it but the intial reason for me to start it is to give my other blog’s followers a rest from my constant book and reading blogging.
It’ll become aparent that my reading genre of choice is YA books, horror, paranormal and sci-fi fiction.  I seem to be a cliche of the current trend but I’ve been a fan since I began reading and I am a firm believer in if it reads well and you enjoy a book; it doesn’t matter the age group or genre it has been placed in.  
A little about myself now.
I am a 25 year old gal living in the UK and I work full time in a chocolate and sweet shop that I love more and more each day!  I was dignosed with a form of dyslexia when I was at school and so reading had always been a struggle in some ways but once I learnt to take my time and just enjoy the words in front of me I found doors to new worlds between the pages.  So that is a little warning incase my spelling or grammar goes off the deep end sometimes!  I also have a big passion for music, film and television and if you wnat to know more about those I may mention them on occassion or they crop up a huge amount in my twitter.
I hope to update on a fairly regular basis and with a little help from anyone that stumbles over here and stays I may get an idea of what you’re interested in reader, sharing book loves and dislikes and making friends with a passion for the written word.

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