Book Event: Meeting Becca Fitzpatrick

So after a very exhausting weekend that seemed to start the weekend before with 2 gigs and a family Halloween party, the day arrived on the 31st October when I got to meet the lovely Becca Fitzpatrick.  For those not in the know, she is the brilliant author of ‘Hush, Hush’ and the sequel ‘Crescendo’ which is why the lovely Becca was at Waterstones, Bluewater for a signing of the latest book.

I’ve been ever so excited for this sequel because since finishing reading the first book and a few month’s ago i read a sneak peak of the 1st chapter online and I was then desperate for the book.  I actually had to fan myself a bit and calm down cause Patch can overwhelm you if you’re not prepared for his dreamboat bad boy self!

So as I had stayed over at my nan’s house the night before because of the family Halloween party I drove my cousin Rebecca and myself from there to Bluewater.  She lives in Mitchem area, kinda near Wimbledon and so the trip was a fair distance for 9.30am on a Sunday.  It took about 1hr 30mins I’d guess but with Rebecca at the healm of my iPod, the music mix was awesome and we had a laugh the whole way there.

After arriving and running for the bathroom we met our fangirl team mate Leanne and her mum Sue and headed to Waterstones where a line had already started forming.  How exciting!  It slowly grew and while waiting I ran inside to buy mine and Becky’s copy of Crescendo (hurray for BOGOF offers) and then hunted down Andrew aka PewterWolf13.  We had been twitter/FB/LiveJournal buddies for some time now meeting over our shared love of Twilight and through the wonderful Krystal aka Krysalbe.  I knew what he looked like and knew he was very excited to have some awesome Huffupuff themed Converse on so I scoutted out on the look for yellow and black.

We had fantastic chat and bonded more over books and our giddiness at meeting Becca.  As the line started to move we parted ways and I returned to my spot further down promising I’d tell Becca to ask to see his shoes. He thought I was joking. mwahahaha

Leanne and I donned our wings;

Yes, actual wings.  Leanne’s were black feathers and mine were fairy wings spray painted black.  We like dress up and themed outfits to go along with our book loves.  Becky and I had a rocker bad boy look going on and Leanne had a PATCHwork dress on.  We are geeks and aim to prove it daily.

As the line moved forward we soon could see Becca and the lovely James who was our Patch look-a-like for the event and also appeared at ET4 the weekend before with Becca.  Leanne had attended that Con and had met them both there but was still just as excited to meet them both again as Becky and I were at meeting them for the first time.

I went first and Becca Fitzpatrick is just so warming and pleasant that I felt like I was meeting an old friend!  She was all cheery and chatty and was very excited when I gave her a gift I had made at work.  I brought her some Halloween candy and a chocolate disc with ‘N <3 P’ on it, which Becca knew instantly that it stood for Nora hearts Patch and she asked all about how it was made and I described it all and where I worked and stuff and she seemed really interested as was James who as it turned out knew the area where I worked a bit because he had family/friends from there.  Becca signed both my books and then when Leanne stepped up to get her things signed she remembered her and Leanne explained who we were on twitter and she knew us too and asked where Andrew was!

We explained he was in line and she’d see him soon and she asked ‘but I won’t know what he looks like to say hi’.  We explained how she’d DEFFO know him and to ask to see his shoes cause he was very excited to be wearing them and that the socks matched! lol.

We all got photos with Becca and books signed and just had a wonderful encounter with a wonderful author.  After snooping around in the YA section we went to go get some food and stopped to say hi to Andrew and his friend Dan in line again and told him what Becca had said and that we’d told her to ask about the shoes.  Andrew was slightly fearful at the idea of being ‘expected’.

All in all, a great day filled with books and awesome encounters.


  1. Sounds like you all had a blast! I miss author events. I think I might have to go up to LA in the spring for the Cassie Clare event.
    P.S. Love the wings, ladies. And the shoes, gentleman 😉

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