The Dangers of Books and Christmas time

So with the on coming season of gifts and cheers I always come up against the danger zone of book buying.  MOst of my family knows I am a book addict and so once Christmas rolls around they want a list of books and such to buy me.  That’s never a problem.

I have a huge list of books that I want to read but I try and stop myself buying every book because I’d have to start living in an actual fort made of books and eating them because I can’t afford real food.  The real problem, and it’s a problem I know other book lovers out there have, is what you add to the dreaded Christmas list.

I could give relatives a huge list but between now and the 25th what new releases are coming out that I can stop myself buying.  What can I wait for?!

With the endless offers on in shops on and off line how am I meant to stop myself just slipping the odd one or two books into the cart as a little ‘well done’ to me for all the gifts i’m buying for everyone else!  Tell me i’m not alone.

This year i’ve come up with a solution that is proving quite successful so far.  I’ve made a list of all the books that I want to read but are either a bit more expensive than my usual treats because they are either Special Editions or Hardbacks or some sort or books that are sequels or series that i’ve gotten into but have been out for some time so spoilers are low risk because everyone has probably already been spoiled a year or two ago.

One book that I can not wait one more second for is Last Sacrifice.  The final installment in the Vampire Academy series.  This series of books but the wonderful Richelle Mead is so jaw droppingly good that I’d force it upon anyone that I know.  The characters are so engaging and delightful to read.  I get totally absorbed by the story that I read the previous book, Spirit Bound, in the 1st weekend it came out.  I even sat in my garden with it for hours and got badily sun burnt on my shoulders and didn’t even notice the pain of being burnt because I was too engrossed in the story!  I do not recommend doing that but at least with the crazy snow bound English weather I am only at risk of frost bite when i’m reading. Ha Ha.

I have been lucky enough to meet Richelle some time ago and she is just as lovely and charming as her books and I will probably make a post here about that meeting along with my review of the book once it arrives and my postman can make it down my road again!

So enjoy your seasonal readings and I hope that you all and this book series onto your Christmas lists because you won’t be dissappointed come Christmas Day with these gems under your tree!

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