Review: Claire De Lune by Christine Johnson

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of this book from a lovely book blogger friend, Jenny over at Wondrous Reads but I’ve lent it out to a couple other book addicts and thus I’m only just writing my review because I just got my copy back.

I’ve seen a great deal of books recently coming out with either vampires, werewolves or other mythical beings as the focus of the story lines so when I pick up a new book I’m often looking for that edge or new angle that makes it stand out a bit more from the pack and worth recommending.  The fact that I’ve lent this book to 3 other people already is telling of my recommendation.

A great journey as we see a female Point of View to the life as a Supernatural being, being a teenager and a nice plot that kept me engaged and swooning over the love interest without feeling like a naughty school girl for simply enjoying a good story.  I loved the take on werewolf lore from a more spiritual side rather than just explaining it away as ‘Oh yer, werewolf, nothing strange, moving on’ story.  I always enjoy a book that has it’s Supernaturals history and lore well explained and logical (well, in terms of the story at least).  Claire de Lune felt like reading a novel about a girl and growing up with the added twist of a Supernatural element rather than a story about a supernatural teen.  Big bonus points right there!

So if you’re looking for a good addition to your selection of YA books and werewolf tales then grab Claire De Lune and indulge!

Rating: 7.5/10
Published by Simon and Schuster Childrens Books and can be bought here and all good book stores

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