Review: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

 So I’ve basically be all consumed with this series for quite some time now.  It’s a real bad full blown addiction right now.  I’m not ashamed of this.  In fact I aim to get as many people as I can reading the lovely Richelle Mead’s books.  She is probably one of my favourite authors and not only was I graced with the good fortune to meet her just as Blood Promise (Book 4 in the the series) came out but I’ve also had many friends and fellow bloggers share my passion for this series and thus had many people to talk to about it!  I tend to bore a great deal of family and friends with my endless rambles about books they don’t know and characters they mistake for real people I know based on the way I talk about them.  So to my VA fans out there, the shorter version of this review goes like this: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 
WARNING!: This review contains SPOILERS for the previous books in the series but no spoilers for this book.  So if you’ve read the Vampire Academy books then continue reading but if you’ve only just started them then go off and finish them all now and then come back here. 🙂
So it pretty much picks up where we left off in the last book and we go on a twisty and turny journey with Rose and Lissa’s lives as they try and solve the mystery of who killed the Queen and framed Rose for the murder as well as trying up a few lose ends from other novels like the mystery about Lissa’s father, Spirit and it’s place in the Moroi world, Victor Dashkov and Rose and Lissa’s futures.  A great deal of their stories overlap but are seperate because of Rose’s ‘Murder’ status and so they have to fight their own individual battles as well as aiming for the end goal of solving the crime up against the odds and time.

The on going love triangle is the other focul point of this story as ultimately this being the last book in the series we, as readers, have been waiting for a definative answer.   Who Rose is meant to be with? Who she will end up with? which in many other novels isn’t always the same thing or who we want.  We got to see Dimitri become more involved in the world after his ‘return’ which I loved because I think i’m ACTUALLY in love with him which isn’t good seeing as he’s fictional. BOO! I really enjoyed seeing all the characters continue to grow and evolve even into the last story and we got to learn about them all and some even suprised me a little which is a nice suprise as a reader.  I don’t want to spoil anything, anything at all so this makes it hard to review because I know i’ll just gush too much and forget myself and accidently say something I shouldn’t.  I can’t recommend these books enough.  You can ask other friends and bloggers; I seriously go on about it too much and I shall continue to do so until next August when the new spin off series is released.

 All I can say is read this series, just read them.  They are one of the best YA’s out there, characters that you WANT to be real so you can be their friend (or more when it comes to certain characters; trust me) and the individual book story lines as well as the overall series’ narrative are sensational.
Rating: 10/10

Published by Penguin Books UK and can be bought here and all good book stores

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