IMM: In My Mailbox

This idea comes from The Story Siren and it’s basically a way to share with readers and fellow bloggers all the wonderful things that your mailbox has brought you and it’s always a great way to remind myself that I REALLY need to invest in more bookshelves

I know some bloggers are lucky enough that their Mailbox is always overflowing but seeing as I’m a fairly new book blogger (though i’ve been blogging for many years on my personal blog) I don’t have that delight quite yet so my aim for the new year is to do one IMM post a month in the hopes that eventually I can “upgrade” to doing it bi-monthly or even weekly.  I’ll start at the end of this month but I wanted to introduce it now because it’s one of my favourite features on other blogs to gush over pretty books, shiny covers and have a general geeky gush fest.

So IMM is new for 2011 and hopefully more to come and possibly more followers too 🙂 A Fangirl can dream!


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