Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Beauitful Darkness is the second book in the Caster Chronicles series  and continues to story of Ethan and Lena who are in a constant struggle with the curse that lingers over Lena as a Caster and Ethan her Mortal Boyfriend.  This story however leads us further into the pasts of the Caster world and Lena’s ancestors to discover more about how the curse has rippled through time and her family. It also reminds us that for Lena a curse is always a curse and it can come and appear at any time and in any shape and form it decides.  What I love about this series is the attention to detail when it comes to the location and the history that the story is so rich in.  I’ve only ever visited two States in America, New York and Florida, and yet I feel like I’ve been to every location mentioned in the books.  The pulsing heat and the smells of lemons and Amma’s baking haunts the pages and I always have a craving for pie when I’ve put down these books, either that or fried chicken.  
I also loved the ever evolving stories that come from the past and hang onto the present for these young characters. The history of the Caster world and the Mortal world plays heavily on their lives from the history of the Civil War in Gatlin to the tales of love and battle in Lena’s Light and Dark sided family.  It really is a book for the senses to become caught up in and I have no doubt that you’ll be easily swept away with the story.  Having it told from a male point of view is another aspects I really enjoyed because it’s unusal to hear a romance so lovingly told from a male voice and still feel that strong connection to both characters.  Your heart breaks for both of the them for many reasons as they fight for their hearts and against what seems like an impossible foe: Fate.  Even the other characters in the book like Link, Ethan’s best friend, or Marian, the librarian, shine just as brightly as Ethan and Lena do in the story.  It makes me wonder if they have their own stories to be heard in future books.  I know I’d love to hear more of the wit and wisdoms of one Link Lincoln.  You have to reach the end of the book to find out if your heart and their’s will be able to mend itself.  
Rating: 9/10

Published by Penguin Books UK and can be bought here and all good book stores

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