Review: Fire by Kristin Cashore

Having read Graceling I was eager to see what would behold me in this book seeing as it isn’t a sequel as such but more a prequel in the same universe.  Finishing Graceling make me just want more from those characters but I continued on to Fire thinking that perhaps it would be a good carry over until the 3rd book was released.  I didn’t really know what to expect from Fire except for some likely action, romance and a strong female lead.  I got all these things and more.  This book was like an episode of Mad Men (I love Mad Men btw, you MUST watch it) with all the drama and high tension and secrecy that loomed over the lives of Fire and the Dells as the Kingdom is on the edge of war.

The book starts in the world of Gracelings but this is just a starting point to show us into the new world of the Dells and the divided Kingdoms where we meet Fire.   She is the flame haired ‘monster’ that stuns all that see her because of the monster genes he kind possess making her beauty something that enraptures those that look upon her to the point that they practically worship her or want to destroy her.  At first I wasn’t overly keen on Fire because she just seemed like a pretty girl that didn’t appreciate Archer, who is clearly in love with her, and what she could do but as the story develops and she goes to aid King Nash and the Royal Family at Court you understand how her beauty is nothing but a set back for her.  She had a hard life and though she has power over others its a burden because of her father’s use of the same power that destroyed many lives and ruined the previous king to his death.

I loved how the practical nature of life is never forgotten such as travelling halfway across the kingdom taking weeks and this actually being acknowledged and the need to rest, eat and the luxury of having a bath.  I adored Clara’s outspoken nature and as one of the King Nash’s siblings she is a breathe of fresh air and alike Fire but in a totally different way.  She has knowledge and a cunning nature as her power where as Fire literally had the ability to control minds and has to decide to use it for good even if it meant doing harmful actions to produce ‘good results’.  Brigan was a bit hard to understand to start but I grew to love because of the wall he builds up against Fire’s mind it also blocks out the reader too.  So that was frustrating for me as it was for Fire but he soon opens up and Fire soon learns to read him without falling back on her gift/curse.

Fire is a well woven story that has so many on running layers to it.  From the past to the present, the mystery over the ‘foggy’ attackers, facing enemies in war and within, Fire’s own battles against her father’s history and herself and yet I, as a reader, never felt lost.  You kind of just had to go with the flow and when one story line dropped you off, you jumped on the next one waiting for you and the characters guided you along.  I liked the hints at characters and the world that exists in Graceling which in the context of time is in the future and makes me wonder what Bitterblue the next book holds and if characters from both books will be united. 

It’s hard to go into alot of detail about the characters and the story because basically I’d have to spoil alot things to explain is all be I’ll just say it had me gripped, gasping, shocked and hooked just as much as I was with Graceling

Rating: 8.5/10
Published by Orion Books and available here and all good bookshops


  1. Oh my god, I've had Fire sitting on my shelves since forever. It's this big large-format paperback. And now I've seen normal sized paperbacks in the bookstores. I really, really must get around to reading it. Your review of it makes me a little more excited to read it. I think I was put off by the fact that it's a prequel in the same world with none of the same characters. But it still sounds quite good.

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