Review: Matched by Ally Condie

I originally got interested in this book because of the wonderful book trailer that was buzzing around the blogs and was hooked from the mystery and how the twist already pulled me in from just 50 seconds.  A good starting point for any book; hook the readers before they’ve even received the book. NICE WORK!

If I’m going to be totally honest Cassia was hard to relate to at first because she’s so straight laced and stuck in the system that when you read her story I just found myself thinking ‘Wake up and stop being all accepting about everything’.  Seriously, it was so hard not to question how she, and everyone for that matter hadn’t questioned any of the rules and ideas in the Society ever.  If reading dystopian novels has taught us anything it’s that human beings are curious by nature and as my mum taught me curiosity killed the cat (or at least got it into trouble for sneaking a look at Christmas presents).  It’s hard to connect with Cassia when you, as a reader, are so the opposite to her.  We have choice to an extent, freedom to voice opinions (yay for blogs!) and be who we want to be even if that means making mistakes from time to time.  Cassia isn’t that different from the teen girl of today; she’s just been raised in a world that is the opposite to our own and so has to fight against her own beliefs as to what she should do and feel as well as the Society’s laws.

The story of Matched is one of love but I found it more interesting as a story about growing up.  Cassia has to grow up and see the world for all it’s flaws and graces and decide what to do with the knowledge.  Should she fight and risk it all or stay safe in her content life and protect her loved ones?  These decisions are all triggered by her relationships and love for family, friends and her Matches but really Matched is about consequences and actions. 

Xander and Ky are both lovingly made opposites from the same mould.  Both are great characters and both are perfect for different reasons for Cassia: noble, handsome, thoughtful and have the potential to do great things.  Both appeal to Cassia (and me adding to my ever growing list of fictional character husbands) and provide Cassia with a reason to be happy and to want to change even if this doesn’t always give them both the outcome they want.  It’s the outcome that they all need after the final events in Matched.  One of my favourite aspects of the book was the use of poetry and colour.  In a world where the love of language and variety is lost, there is such blissful happiness to be found in one shade of green and line of poetry.  The tenderness that words were given in this book really spoke to me and made me learn to love Cassia because really she just doesn’t know better but soon starts to wonder due to the power of words. 

The contrast between the old and new world and the ideals of the past (which I kinda guess is the present for us) make you feel grateful that we have choices but also makes you wonder if some sacrifices are worth the losses and the gains.  We shall have to wait and see in Crossed for the repercussions of the ending of Matched and Cassia’s choices.

Rating: 6.5/10

Published by Razorbill and is available here and at all good bookshops now


  1. You know, I like that she conformed in the beginning. Let me rephrase that. I don't like the society she lives in, but I think it's more realistic that she DID go with the flow, which I think most people get caught up in. We, as a society, are not that different. Look at our government, people's religious beliefs, what we buy. God knows we've seen what happens in history when people just blindly follow the masses. It's never pretty for anyone. But I kind of think that makes Cassia more relatable. I think we'd all like to think we'd stand up to our oppressors, but the truth is that most people don't. I kind of liked the fact that Ally went that way. It reminds me of The Hunger Games. I'd love to think I could be a Katniss, but in truth, she is a rarity. And if you didn't know any other way, how would you know what life could hold? For me, she's stronger because she did change, which I think is harder than being born badass 🙂

    Now I come to the most important issue of all: fictional husbands. What team are you on? I need to know if I can call dibs.

    And I loved the poetic moments too. Have you read The Sky Is Everywhere? That is an amazingly beautiful and poetic book, and I can't recommend it enough! 😉

  2. i haven't read The Sky Is Everywhere but I've heard it's very good.

    I agree it makes sense that she doesn't fight the system at first because you wouldn't out of fear of society and fear of change. it's all she knows and wants to have that safe normal life.

    Per FicHubbys I haven't picked one really. I'm leaning towards Xander but I don't know why really. lol

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