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 So not a big week this week.  No new books were bought or received but this is probably for the best because I have 3 gigs this month and a friend’s birthday but I know that i’ll end up with some books along the way!

Thus is the life of a book addict *shrugs*

I did however go out on my lunch break to visit the local library today in my own show of support for the Save Libraries movement.  Libraries are SO important that I may have to do a whole seperate blog about my love for them.  In fact I shall do that in the week.

Borrowed from Library

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
Fourth in this series and very interested to see where it goes in this book
I got the 1st Midnighters book in a charity shop and really liked the concept and the story so I’ve borrowed this copy until I can get a copy myself that matches the run of covers I have (the exact one here!) and also I’ve heard fab things about his latest series so this is the Hardback edition of the 1st book
Happy Reading


  1. I loved Wicked Lovely that i've read more than 2 years ago but I really need to get started all the other books too :p !!!

    I hope you'll like them ! Happy reading !

    Oh and i'm your new follower :).

    By the way if you want there is an international giveaway on my blog you can win the paperback of your choice from the book depository :).

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