IMM: In My Mailbox [5 & 6]

In My Mailbox is an epic feautre run by The Story Siren and my links go to Amazon UK but other book sellers are out there too!

So last weekend was a bit manic and so this Sunday covers the last 2 weeks instead.


The Betrayl of Nathalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate  I enjoyed Lauren’s other book and thought i’d have a look at this new one by her too.  Plus it’s purple!
Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr I already own this and have read it but i love these covers and it was a pretty hardback too 🙂
Just in Case by Meg Roseff The cover swayed me and it was in an offer but it sounded really interesting so I took a risk
So some of my dear friends and I have only just exchanged our Christmas gifts because the snow in December cancelled our meet-up plans and this was the 1st time we’d seen each other since we live a while from each other.
DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden I’m a bit of a DIY fashion freak.  I love to add bits and remove parts of clothes, make my own prints and I never throw out clothes but rather I just cut them up and make something new so this book looks ace.  THANKS SARAH
Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O’Malley I am a comic/graphic novel geek and this is very much my sense of humour (and reality).  THANKS ROZ
I got lots of other lovely goodies too but these are just my book related gifts
Happy Reading


  1. What a fantastic book week. I love the Wicked Lovely series 😀
    The DIY fashion & Scott Pilgrim look great – got the movie out to watch while ironing *sigh*
    I picked up that Meg Rosoff one at The Works so pretty 😀

  2. yes i got the meg rosoff one at The Works too. i love that shop. lol

    The movie is quite funny, i like his roommates character the best though cause he's so quick witted.

    Wicked lovely is a great series and ths why Seth was one of this week's FicHubby's

  3. I read the Scott Pilgrim book recently but it annoys me that I can't find the second one very easily (though I can find later GNs in the series!) I thought it was really fun. Haven't seen the film as yet though!

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