Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

I was sent a copy of this book from a lovely blogger friend, the ever epic Jenny at Wondrous Reads wit ha note that said ‘Really hope you enjoy this!’  I think she knew I would but there is always that small fear that someone won’t no matter how much you yourself love it.  Never fear Jenny I LOVED it.

First thoughts on this book was how much the main character Evie reminded me of other favourite characters of mine.  Buffy Summers meets Veronica Mars.  Oh how I love these strong female characters and how they combine comedy with action without seeming to harsh and brutal.  Evie may be armed and dangerous but her Taser is pink and all she wants is a normal life like her favourite teen soap drama Easton Heights.  I loved Evie’s view on the world from a very teenage point of view but also quite unique because she is so isolated from the outside world and only has TV and brief outings to judge her experiences on.

The story unfolds as a break-in at the IPCA centre (International Paranormal Containment Agency) leads to Evie asking questions about who she is, what the IPCA is really all about, who is the mystery shape shifter guy that broke into the centre and what was he looking for?  So many questions and so little time to work it all out as paranormals are dying with no visible cause or reason and anyone might be a target next.  Oh and did I mention the shape shifter guy is totally gorgeous and swoon worthy.  What makes life harder for Evie is her general lack of real teenage interaction and her sucky ex-boyfriend of sorts Reth, a faerie with a serious attitude and creeper issues.  At least with the appearance of Lend into her life and the Centre things are looking up but life is never that simple so she has to deal with the fact that things are afoot that she doesn’t understand and she can’t be sure who to trust.

Want more; you’ll have to read it because anymore and I’ll potentially be spoiling the drama that unfolds.  Kiersten writes in a way that you can’t help but fall in love with.  I just loved the characters she created and the world they exist in and I really can’t wait to see what happens next in the aftermath of Paranormalcy.  It was also delightful to have a teen character that was still in teen-mode.  She was an action girly girl that loved her fashion and shiny things that happen to be deadly weapons too.  Evie is a teen with teen troubles like ‘Oh how can I talk to this boy without looking like a total fool’ and the supernatural action type of troubles like ‘Oh god, scary evil thing wants to kill me.  I hope I can kill it first.’ One of my favourite parts in the book was just how excited Evie gets at the idea of a normal high school and having a locker.  It’s the simple things she wants when she is faced on a daily basis with having to tag and track vampires and other paranormal beings due to her unique talent to see beyond the Glamours.

Supernaturally is due out this year and the cover has JUST been released online and I can’t wait to see where Evie’s adventures go and how her discoveries change her choices now that she has things to lose and things to gain from the new knowledge she has.

Rating: 9/10 (only because then I have wiggle room to give the sequel the full 10 if needed)
Published by Harper Collins and available here and all good bookshops


  1. Oh wow, I hadn't seen the cover for the sequel until now! I really, desperately want to read Paranormalcy because I have yet to see a bad review of it! She sounds like an awesome main character and despite my growing weariness of paranormal books, this one sure looks like one to read. Great review!

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