Review: Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton

There is nothing like a great location to set the scene for a fantastic romance.  If years of Rom coms and Hollywood movies have taught us anything it’s that in a big city full of wonder that anything can happen and probably will.  New York City is as much of a main character in this love story as Finn and Jessie.  Both have a love affair with this big beautiful city and it’s the love that connects them and has a magical part to play in their fated relationship.

Being a girl that loves a big city herself growing up near London my whole life I really enjoy reading about a great location as well as great characters.  Setting is just as important to any story as it’s characters or plot. It can drive a story and make the imagination twice as powerful.  Having visited New York City a few times I can confirm that Jessie’s NYC is just as awe inspiring and jaw dropping as Keris Stainton writes it.

The book is in two halves of sorts between Jessie and her story and Finn’s and how they inter mingle. Jessie and her best friend Emma come from Manchester to NYC to visit Jessie’s mum; Natalie, a playwright that moved to Broadway with her new play after the break up of her marriage to Jessie’s dad.  Finn is a New Yorker in love with his best friend’s girl and trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, college and future.

I loved the way the characters really explore both sides of the city from the tourist parts to the lesser known areas that are just as wonderful to discover no matter how well you think you know a city.  The city holds so much possibility for them both and they really embrace it and it let’s them become free and more confident when dealing with their families and inner turmoils.

Though the plot of this book is very much in Rom Com territory it never felt like those sickly sweet movies that I bypass in the DVD aisle.  It was enjoyable and touching as you watched Jessie and Finn lives intersect without them fully realising how close they come to meeting without actually meeting.

I a great telling of what it’s like to find something special without even really looking for it. From repair old relationships to creating new ones this story is well worth the journey around the city on a tour of love and happier times.  A great read (so much so that I read it all in one weekend) and fab recommendation for anyone looking for a summer read or maybe hoping for a bit of a holiday romance too. 🙂

Rating: 7.5/10

Published by Orchard Books From July 2011 and can be pre ordered here


  1. Glad you loved it!I did too! I'm jealous you have been to NYC, I really wanna go!!
    My review of this will be up next week… It was meant to be this week but my blog gone bye-bye while I change domains! 🙁 x

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