The Post of Awesome [3]

So I have major love for this blog called 1000 Awesome Things which basically takes some time to post about truely awesome things in life from the small to very big.  I always read them and think ‘OMG THAT IS AWESOME!’

So I’m making my own feature that will weekly showing something awesome i’ve discovered that week, something awesome in general or just proving to myself that there is a lot of awesome things to see.  I can be anything to just having a warm towel straight from the dryer or a moment you’ve personally had in the last week that you think was awesome

Post of Awesome this week is brought to you via a web page that I was directed to by the AWESOME Keris Staiton (seriously go read her books because I loved them).
I can only say by the time I was half way down this page I was crying with tears of laughter.  It’s so funny and what makes it even more hilarious is the fact that its real.  It’s inter office emails from two colleagues discussing one worker’s missing cat and the other worker “helping”.   
I love cats but the amount of effort and time the helpful co-worker puts in just for his own amusement made me laugh so much
Just enjoy and have a Happy Monday afterwards!


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