Blog Tour: YA and Witchblood by Emma Mills

Emma Mills is the author of a UK based YA novel called Witchblood and after some getting to know you stuff on twitter she asked me to be part of her blog tour for the book and my review will be up within the next week or so.  I’m really keen to read and review more UK YA and thought this would be a great chance to support a new author who not only is a debut writer but also has taken the self-publishing route.  Emma has kindly written a little something about why she decided to go down the YA route and what she loves about YA.

I started writing Witchblood in Jan 2009, and as it was the first novel I’d written, it took me until Dec to finish. After many agent rejections it then took me another six months to learn how to edit and make my writing sharper, more concise. This time I sent Witchblood out, I immediately had two interested agents. Sadly my agent didn’t sell it to the big-time publishers, due to them saying vampires were ‘out’ and paranormal was a sliding trend.

I disagree! Which is why Witchblood has now been self-published on Kindle, and is already amazing me with a brilliant first month sales. Thinking back to 2009, I know straight away which books inspired me to write…The Twilight Saga! Yes, I know the whole sparkling vampire thing is a bit laughable, and Bella is not the most kick-ass heroine in the world. But the series sucked me in and re-introduced me to the world of YA fiction, and even better, the sub-genre of paranormal/paranormal romance.

Since writing Witchblood, my love for YA has only increased, and amongst the many I have read none have captured me like The Hunger Games. I LOVE this book. It has everything I hope to achieve in my writing-a truly kick-ass heroine. No-one can beat Katniss Everdeen! An engaging, addictive and original plot which is fast paced and basically just fantastic! I can’t wait to see the movie in March, I just hope it doesn’t disappoint!

I’m still reading YA and this month the two books I’m most looking forward to reading are: Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and Pyxis by K.C.Neal.

Thanks so much to Emma and also check her site for more info on Witchblood and a cool Giveaway!



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