Event Report and UK GIVEAWAY: Amanda Hocking Blogger Evening @ Macmillan

So this was a surprise event for me because I wasn’t expecting an invite but a huge thanks to the lovely Liz from My Favourite Books who passed along my details to the PR people at Macmillan (who are SO awesome I might add).

Amanda Hocking is an author of quite some note as she has become a hugely successful author without even being technically signed to any publishing house or with an agent.  Amanda’s story as an author is interesting as she was writing and producing so many books and just couldn’t find an agent or publishers willing to take on her or her books and so came to decision to just put her work out there as ebooks and see what happened.  They became huge hits with readers and bloggers and gained such interest that they have not only found a home at a publishers but been optioned for film rights.

Macmillan (Amanda’s UK publishers) invited a few bloggers and reviewers to a small evening at their London offices to chat with Amanda and also PIZZA.  I was really interested to here from a writer that didn’t go down the conventional route of publication and is now having her books published after already having found a certain amount of celebrity on her own.

Amanda was so easy going and after the initial introductions and drinks we all sat down for a good old chat.  We asked Amanda a lot about her writing style and habits, her thoughts on how she published and now having an official home for her books.  The current being Switched, a YA tale about trolls, romance and mystery set in Maine, soon to be followed by Torn and Ascend to complete the trilogy.

She’s a very fast writer and when she does write she completely focuses her time on the project at hand and is “almost OCD” about making notes and can work solid for 2-4 weeks at a time.  Being self published meant she sometimes felt the press to keep producing more and more work because she’d see the direct feedback from people asking for more.  This was part of the reason Amanda eventually went with a publishing house because then someone could be professionally editing her writing while she could focus solely on the writing itself.  Though editing is one of her favourite parts of the writing process because you get notes from the editor and then you can play around with what you’ve done where as writing means you just have to get it all down before you can deal with the details.

We all asked Amanda about her trip in the UK and plans for future books and such and at a few points it became a general bloggers chat/rant where we (including Amanda) were discussing the blog reviewing world in general, our “skills” at organising bookcases and current trends in YA.  It was like a normal blogger meet up and Amanda seemed to fit right in with all our chatter and our sense of humour. 

We were given a copy of Switched in both cover editions (it’s being marketed to both YA and general sci-fi and fantasy adult markets so the covers have two colour formats).  Amanda signed books and took photos with everyone and we all tucked into pizza over more book chat and recommendations.

Thanks so much to Amanda for meeting us all and the lovely people at Macmillan for hosting the evening and inviting me!

I have one copy of Switched by Amanda Hocking SIGNED to giveaway.  This is a UK ONLY giveaway and will be open for 7 days and then a winner will be drawn and notified.  The winner will have 7 days from notification to reply and accept their prize or another winner will be selected.

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