So I wanted to point you in the direction of this new blog that COMPLETELY deserves some major hits and subscribers because not only is it about an awesome subject; it’s run by some awesome people
It’s a blog that is all about YA fiction that is coming at you from UK authors.  I love the country I live in and love it even more when I can do my little bit to support home grown talent.  I love talent from around the world but it’s nice to give a little extra cheer for the peeps from my neck of the woods.  
From the genius brains of 3 uber talented UK authors: Susie Day, Keren David and Keris Stainton and they’ve put together not only a fab blog but a great resource to find out about UKYA
Plus I’ve got a little post going up there at some point and was giddy and bouncy all over the place to be asked to contribute something (Thanks Keris)
So Go to the blog, subscribe, tweet about it using the hashtag #UKYA share on blogs and anywhere you go on the net and use the nifty blog button they have to link up.  It’s shiny and new and is sure to grow into something even more wonderful!


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