Event Post: Creative Voices @ Foyles May 2nd 2012

Today on the blog is a recap (of sorts) of the first in the Creative Voices events at Foyles featuring 4 wonderful voices: C.J.Daughtery, Ruth Warburton, Amy Plum and Sara Grant.  I couldn’t have been more excited because I hadn’t met Ruth or Amy before so there was that giddiness but I got to see C.J. and Sara again and so could geek out over their books in person.  There was a little group of us book blogger types that had arrived earlier to shop and gossip and see the lovely Neil at Foyles (who organised the event and is a true diamond because the Foyles events are ALWAYS brilliant).  Shockingly (that was sarcasm btw) we were the first there so we took front row seats and caught up on our book gossip and as we got restless we got a bit snap happy.
Photo by Viv from Serendipity Reviews.  We got bored and helped ourselves to the author’s seats
The room began to fill and then the 4 guests of honour arrived much to our giddy chuckles.  I’ll admit that to the untrained or unknowing eye  the group in the front would look like school girls at a One Direction one on one chat.  After Introductions by Neil each of the authors gave us a little background on their lives as writer and a reading from their books.  I do love hearing an author do a reading because you get more of a sense of how they intended the words to be heard and spoken.  Really interesting.  Plus I get to work out how you actually say some of the character names. HA.

Each of the author’s were very open about their writing process and their journey’s as writers from how they got the inspiration for each other their stories.  Their backgrounds are all fairly similar but at the same time quite unique.  Amy began writing a memoir of sorts of her life in France as an American and didn’t intend to write YA but her story didn’t sell but soon evolved into Die for Me with her love of Paris.  For C.J. she’d been writing for many years working on various tory ideas but it was a visit to a old school building in the English country side the stuck with her and made her wonder what it would be like to study there as a teenager and became the setting for Night School.

For Ruth her writing career started a bit differently as she worked in publishing and had been writing in secret almost because she worked in fairly high brow adult fiction and was bait nervous about showing her work to colleagues that could say they didn’t like it and then the next have to attend meetings with them.  Lucky for Ruth her story A Witch in Winter found a home for her supernatural tale of witch craft and romance.  Sara, like C.J. and Amy, is an American living in a new environment and it was her move to London and the crossing of boarders that triggered the idea for Dark Parties which began as a short story that was selected for the Undiscovered Voices and eventually grew into the book as it is now.

Each of the authors seemed to really get on with each other which I loved because it’s nice to see that they all engaged with each other’s tale of writing and publishing and woes about how long it took to get a book deal etc.  They were all very funny and wonderful to hear be so open and honest.  Afterwards there was a signing session and I did my usual get fangirl and over excited

Especially because some of the authors knew me it seemed.  I’d met C.J. at another event and she gave me a big hug and was so nice (as she was the first time) and Ruth I’d been chatting to online along with C.J. (we all bonded over our love for the Jon Snow character in Game of Thrones).  I’d promised choccies from work and both ladies loved them or so I think from the ‘mmmmmm’ and happy nods as the enjoyed them.  Always happy to make writers happy.

Amy was ever so sweet and was having a lovely natter with Viv (who is the cutest thing when she’s fangirlling over an author.  I’d never seen Viv do this and I’d pay to see it again) and when it was my turn to get my books signed she was just as lovely.  She asked me questions and had remembered me from twitter and had asked if I was OK after my blood test earlier in the day.  *fangirl dies*

I hope the Creative Voices events carry on at Foyles and more authors join in because it was completely ace to see a mix of authors share with each other and an intimate audience about their careers and how they work.

Thanks to Foyles for hosting the event, all the authors and their publishers and for more on the event you can check out Amy Plum’s own blog (which i’m mentioned in eeeeep!)


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