Geekhood Blog Tour: The Return of the Geek

I asked Andy about Geekhood 2 because I knew he was working on it and I couldn’t resist.  It was too tempting.  I don’t know what I can tell you detail wise so to avoid getting footwear thrown at me from Stripes (Andy probably won’t care seeing as he told me anyway), I’ll just say it sounds just as funny as Geekhood and the setting is prime with comedy adventure and mishaps.  Plus Andy did first hand research which made me snort and giggle just hearing about his experiences so on that basis it must be worth a read!  The first Geekhood has these great characters that leapt off the page for me because they felt like I’d known them in real life and in some cases been them too.  They had elements of real people in too and Andy took what he’d seen and sprinkled them in Archie and his friends.

Back to warrior man.  He’s dry and now needs his detail.  He need red eyes and red on his suit and then lots of grey and stuff.  Plus there was silver paint involved that matched my nail varnish.  This was most pleasing.  
Back to the Geek chat and now it’s our other shared passion; Music.  My obsession is My Chemical Romance and Andy’s is The Rolling Stones.  Same level of geekery but different bands.  Andy has made it his mission to teach me the way of the Stones (I am the best student; bought 3 records and loved ’em) and I gave Andy a mixed and long list of my musical taste (He gets a C cause he opened and read the email but as far as I know that’s it. To be fair it was a MAMMOTH list).  Gig stories were shared and it summary Andy seen a butt load of Stones gigs even the secret shows and I’m a sad strange individual that camps outside days before to get front and centre barrier spot.
The big question for me was about what else Andy read’s himself.  He’s an author and thus his reading habits and recommendations are a must to find out with my detective ninja skills.  There are 3 main genres he reads and those being YA, adult fantasy books and Crime and Psychology Books.
Recommendations were as follows: Tolkien (obviously; and then his jaw hit the floor when i said I’d never read Lord of the Rings), Stephen Donaldson , the Mr Gum books by Andy Stanton and Hero by Perry Moore and Brian Masters who writes the crime psychology stuff so I have no clue who that is. HA.  He loves the YA books but the trouble was a lot of books where the kids loses their parents or they divorce etc they suddenly find they have a magical past or such but in Geekhood he wanted to write about a character who was going through the say rough stuff that kids do but made his own magic in his Geeky per suits and makes his own magical place every time he picks up a RPG rule book or turns on a Star wars DVD.
I wish I could tell you all the tales shared but this post is pretty epic already so check out one classic on Daisy Chain Book Reviews Blog tour post.  It’s too funny!  OH THE GIGGLING FIT I HAD HEARING THAT TALE!
Once my warrior paint work was dry I got to varnish him up and he was finished all shiny.  You can’t see this but I have my smug face on.
And like many epic tales the night wore on and the geese started butting against the boat and driving Andy loopy-er and so it was time to leave for my journey home on the train.  I don’t know what you’ve got from this Geek post but all I can say is Andy Robb is a Geek.  I am a Geek.  Geekhood is so funny and has so much truth in it that it’s even more brilliant and you should go buy it asap.  It was an awesome Geek day and I didn’t fall into the river once. YAY!


  1. great full post spooky! I love your miniature! he's very cool. I will be checking out some of those books too… btw I only read 1 and a half books of the LOTR trilogy… I'm terrible but I do love Tolkiens Tales From the Perilous Realm and well recommend those! 😀 x

    • i don't have spotify but i can totes email you some music. any requests???

      Andy is far better to come and deal with Warhammer as I have basic skills and was being watched by Andy the whole time to make sure I didn't add on glitter for fun. :/

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