Emma Hearts LA Blog Tour: All The Nice Girls Love A Geek Boy + GIVEAWAY

I’ve never been into bad boys. From my very first crush to my current crush, I’ve always been about the nice boys and, more specifically, the geeks. When I started writing my latest book, Emma Hearts LA, I knew I wanted the love interest to be a geek. Geeks are funny. Geeks are smart (obviously). Geeks (usually) don’t know how hot they are. Why would I want some motorbike riding, mirror-loving, treat ’em mean and keep ’em keen vampire  dude when I could have one of these lovelies…

The Doctor 
My 7-year-old has recently become obsessed with Doctor Who, to the point where he wakes me at 6am to watch another episode. I’m not my best at that time of the morning, but once I’ve got a cup of coffee in hand, I must admit that drooling over The Doctor is no bad way to start the day. He’s got a sonic screwdriver, you know. *sniggers* 
Simon Amstell
Funny. Vulnerable. Skinny. Curly hair. Gay. Basically my perfect man. Shut up. 
Seth Cohen
The first YA book I ever wrote featured a boy called Adam. The book wasn’t very good, but I always loved Adam and so when I started writing Emma Hearts LA and thinking about a geek, Adam popped into my head: walking weirdly, seeing the ducks home. Adam became Oscar (I have no idea why). What’s my point? Oh yes. He was named Adam for Adam Brody. Who played Seth Cohen. Who, in my opinion, is one of the most delicious male characters ever to grace my TV. 
Michael Cera
Obviously I love George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development. But it was when I watched Michael Cera in Paper Heart that I realised something. If I was, um, 25 years younger, there would be no limits to my Cera obsession. So it’s a good job I’m a grown-up, eh? *cough*
Ben Wyatt
Latest crush alert! I was introduced to US sitcom Parks & Recreation by my friend Diane Shipley and I’ll be eternally grateful. The show is so great for many reasons – it’s easily the most feminist show on TV and I love the main character Lesley Knope beyond all reason (actually I love pretty much every character beyond all reason) – but it also features Adam Scott playing Ben, who is awesome. And deeply cute. 

The awesome people at Orchard have one copy of Emma Hearts LA up for grabs and all you have to do is enter here and you could win.  The winner will have a week to reply to the email and then the publishers will send them a copy of the book.  If I don’t get a reply within a week a new winner will be selected.  Contest in UK only and ends a week today!

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Thanks SO much to Keris for doing this post and all I can say is a big fat Geeky SWOON to all her picks.  Keris’ new book Emma Hearts LA is out on June 7th from Orchard Books and is available here and bookshops.  I loved it!

For more info on Keris check out her website and her twitter


  1. Keris, you watch Parks & Rec?! We need to talk about it sometime! Anyway, any post full of geek boys is bound to be awesome. Geek boys should get the girl way more often! Awesome post 😀

  2. OMG Keris, are you me? I fancy all of these guys. Even though I'd never heard of the last one before now. I especially love Simon Amstell, when he was wearing glasses in Grandma's House it was so cute.

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