Event Post: Keris Stainton Book Launch for Emma Hearts LA

I am a bit crazy.  This is sort of a known fact by now and so when I tell you I made a trip up to Manchester for less than half a day and then back to London for a book launch would you be surprised.  What’s more surprising is I made it back at all!   There was some issues with maps, running, coughing up a lung and JUST making it to my last train home.

I’m a big time Keris Stainton fangirl and not only was I floored when Keris sent me and the lovely Raimy a copy of Emma Hearts LA before it was seen by anyone other than editors and then being mentioned in the acknowledgements too!  Keris is a fab writer and just an all round good human being that I’m thrilled to have gotten to know via this blogging randomness.  So Keris was having a book launch at Waterstones Arndale Centre in Manchester and I really wanted to go and lucky for me my bosses gave me the afternoon off work and I made the 2 hour 30 minute trip up there on the train only to leave the station and after being super excited to have made it there realise I didn’t know where I was or where to go.  Thank goodness Raimy knew the area and guided me via texts to meet her and her sister for some food before the signing.

Manchester was quite wet and rainy so I felt like it was a home away from home really.  Apart from that it was nice and generally I approve of Manchester.  Manchester; you are saluted.  huzzah!

I was very excited to not only be able to share in the excitement for Keris but to meet some great other bloggers and authors that were attending.  Bungle from Midnight Reads, Iffath from Painting with Words (again but still awesome), Steffie among other bloggers and not only was Tanya Byrne at the launch (LOVE TANYA) but Tom and Laura Clempson.  For those that don’t know; Bungle and I have this on going demand for cake from Tom.  I don’t even really remember how it started but I can confirm that as soon as Tom arrived I said ‘TOM! Did you bring cake?’ to which Tom did a huffy groan and produced this bad boy.  With Emma Hearts LA bunting made by the creative queen Laura Clempson.  We didn’t eat the cake but everyone helped themselves to Reeses Peanut Butter Mini Cups.  HEAVEN.

I also got to meet the lovely Liz Scott and Sharon Jones who I’ve had a few chats with via the wonder that is twitter but hadn’t met in person until that evening.  It was quite an informal launch and I think because we all knew each other or knew of each other we all just had a nice chit chat and then got Keris to sign books (and I brought a random item to be signed which was a cardboard cup holder from Starbucks that is mentioned in the book).  

We kinda got kicked out of the shop because it was closing and then Keris’ other half took her two boys home (Keris’ two boys are SO ADORABLE.  We all wanted to take them home and Keris seemed quite open to this idea but we let them go off to bed).  A bunch of us headed for a nice pub round the corner to have a proper chat and quite frankly that was nice and relaxing for Keris I think after the gaffing about trying to meet everyone at the launch.

Then because I had work the next day I had to RUN for the last train home at 9.15pm.  I didn’t really know where I was and had to ask at the front desk of a hotel for help and made it with half my guts still working and drenched in sweat.  It’s not a pretty image but it’s a fact.  I don’t do running.  Thank goodness I had a seat on the train and twitter to keep occupied on the journey home.  

Thanks so much to the staff at Waterstones Arndale for hosting the event, the awesome bloggers and authors that came and said hi and to Keris for inviting me, being awesome and signing my books!

Huge thanks to Laura Clempson for this photo of Tom, Me and Bungle. Tom was so happy to see us!!!


  1. Brill post!!!! Was fantastic to meet you! Next time we need cupcakes that way we get to take one, or two, or just the lot really.
    Was a really nice night ad brill to meet so many lovely bloggers and authors.

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