Event Post: UKYA meet up in London

On Monday 20th August there was a very special meet up arranged by the folks over at UKYA to gather together bloggers and authors that are part of the UKYA network and basically have a laugh, a drink and a gossip but also to announce officially the final list of the Top 100 UKYA books voted for by the people on their website.  Plus there was much laughter with lovely people that I was much in need of.

Apart from the jokes shared, the tales told (most of which I can never repeat on here because I was sworn to secrecy by certain people), and drinks drunk (I was on the cola so no embarrassing moments from me) the other main event was to hear the Top 100 UKYA list and more news on that.  You can now not only see the Top 100 books as voted by people like your lovely self but you can help out by voting for the Top 10!

Click here and pick 10 or less from the list.  That’s it!  No mess; No fuss!  I’ve already voted for my Top 10 and i won’t sway you with my choices but even if you only vote for one book on the list it’s worth a vote!!!

Also Keris Stainton bought me a Kermit the Frog pen.  He’s AWESOME as is Keris!


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