Blogger Thoughts: A UK YA Con: My Wish List

There has been a lot of talk on the twitterverse and the blogs about a UK YA Convention.  Most recently by the lovely Amanda from Strange Chemistry but she’s not the first to talk about it.  It’s been discussed, demanded and begged for by publishers, bloggers and authors over and over again.  I know from a UK blogger and reader’s point of view it’s so frustrating seeing event’s like BEA in New York and all the fab authors and publishers attending (aside from the MOUNTAINS of ARCs and proofs that seem to get handed out).  

I’ve spoken to lots of different people and know we all want a UK YA Con and it’s not through lack of wanting that it isn’t happening but just the organising and funding that holds things back so hopefully now it seems Amanda is taking control with her idea things will happen.  I really hope so.

The real question is what would happen at the convention and what would you expect for your buck?

I’ve done conventions in the past for other fandoms and events and some costing £10-15 for a day entry up to £90 for a basic ticket for a weekend away (minus costings for the hotel, food, travel and spending money etc)

The cost adds up but if it’s worth it you’ll pay it; I did.
So what would I want at an event like this?

Well firstly authors: 

A mix of them from new debuts to established names from a mix of publishers and genres.  This makes for an interesting event and also great debates and conversations when it comes to talks and panels.

Talks and panels:  

I’d love to hear from authors and publishers not only about the latest books coming out but about the industry, how it works, their opinions on issues like age ranges on books and dealing with tough issues with teen fiction and more.  It’s interesting to me to hear people talk candidly and have a variety of opinions.  It also gives people like myself a chance to hear directly from the other side of the blogging world.


A chance to get a book signed is always good and to buy books so it benefits the book sellers and author too.

Workshops and free style talks:

I think if you had a group of bloggers sitting down with authors saying what they want from them or bloggers and PR teams talking about things like Blog Tours and what a publisher expects from us in return for books and such so we understand each other better.  The bloggers can also explain what it’s like being a blogger as I often think that even though publicist have a good idea that maybe authors don’t.  This is no one’s fault but just how things often happen as all parties get on with their work and make things happen and you don’t often see behind the curtain.


Greedy; no doubt but I do love freebies from promo items to Proofs.  It would save on posting it out so a handy way to save money at the publishers …. right?  Plus it makes the event more appealing as you’re getting things others may not or would have to wait for.  That isn’t a must but just a cheeky wish list want. 🙂


Let your hair down and play music in the night.  Bloggers know how to boogie.  Trust me.

This might read like a list of demands.  It really isn’t.  Just a few things I know I’d be interested in seeing at an event and some food for thought perhaps.  Fingers crossed some sort of event happens and soon!


  1. I completely agree with everything you've said – I so, so hope this happens, it'd be bloody awesome! If this does happen I really hope there's a good representation of contemporary authors. And YES for parties. Bloggers CAN boogie.x

  2. I want this soooooooooooo bad!!!!

    And all your ideas are awesome. I would really love a group discussion with publishers about blogging and stuff. And omg, PARTY <3

    The only thing I worry about is the price. I would happily pay like, £50-ish if I knew it was worth it (and it will be), but I just don't have that kind of money. Like…I'm not even sixteen yet, and my parents probably wouldn't let me go by myself, let alone pay all that, LOL. But I would try my absolute best, because it REALLY REALLY needs to happen, and while I put up with missing the majority of blogger/books events, I WOULD STAND FOR MISSING THIS!!!

  3. These are fab suggestions and I agree with them all. I'd add in a suggestion for some informal meet and greet times where everyone can mingle and chat with each other in a more relaxed setting. If we all had name badges then we should be able to spot authors, publicists or even bloggers who we chat to online but haven't yet met in person (plus spend time catching up with people we already know).

    I would absolutely love to attend a UKYA con so I'm keeping fingers crossed that it happens :o)

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