Event Post: My day with Jana Oliver + a Video Interview

I’m a HUGE fan of Jana Oliver and her Demon Trappers series of books and now that the series is complete (even though i’d be so very happy for more) Jana came over to the UK to visit and her publishers asked me


to do an on camera interview with Jana and I could ask whatever I liked.  I don’t want to swear but my first reaction was HOLY MOLEY BATMAN (replace moley with a dirty swear word)

You can check out the blog post from MyKindaBook here and the video interview I did is below.  I was so nervous before hand because apart from one other interview in person I’ve never done face to face interviews and NEVER been videoed before so I was anxious I would mess up but Jana is one of the nicest people and made me feel so relaxed chatting away.  She’d come along with her husband who was very nice too and along with Lorraine from MyKindaBook we all had some food and chat before doing the interview:

I asked about insider jokes that Jana snuck into the books, my favourite fictional boy, Denver Beck, how Jana writes and her inspiration for the book series.  Plus most importantly; what is Jana going to be writing next.  
So that was the manic flap that was my morning and then in the evening the lovely publishers had arranged a bloggers gathering at a bar in Islington in London.  We had yummy bar snacks and fancy drinks (no cola served so had a homestyle lemonade which was very nice indeed).   It was lovely to catch up with bloggers I knew and meet new ones.
I want to say a huge thanks to Jana (and her hubby) for being such wonderful company and being so nice to me, to Lorraine and all the wonderful people at MyKindaBook and Macmillan for asking me to do the interview and the fab event in the evening.
Follow Jana on Twitter and check out her website for news and her books The Demon Trappers series is available here 


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