The Danger of Books: A Warning Guide

So some of you that follow my antics on twitter will have seen I had a bit of tumble not long ago and it was due to books….and my natural clumsiness but mainly books.
Books are dangerous and I’m here as a warning to you all that you should judge books by their covers and beware the power of the page
What happened you may ask
Well I had a huge bag of books (maybe 25 ish) in a big tote bag. I was doing a good deed and donating them all to another blogger/school librarian near me and was taking them with me to work as it is closer to his school and then he can pick them up from there.  So I have my ruck sack on, mobile phone in my hand with my bus pass and the heavy bag hanging off my shoulder.  This is when my mistake began.  I saw my bus coming and so decided to lightly run to the stop just ahead of me to catch it.
The movement made the bag tear and sent the books and myself flying into the pavement.  NO ONE stopped to help me up and I hurt my hip, knee and hand.  I won’t show you the picture of the bloody hand in case you’re squeamish but this is a few days later
Yes that is a Wolverine plaster. I WIN
So I want to warn you about books.  Papercuts! Falling piles on your head! Dropping a hugh stack on your foot! Running with books! 
It’s making me rethink my natural aversion of ebooks


  1. Awww hope you are feeling better…the visual of that was kind of cute in a hurt yourself way, which is not cute:) I have had the wooden letters that spell LIBRARY on top of my bookshelf fall and hit me on the head as they need blue tack I think on the bottom . If you bump the shelf they tumble. Evil wooden letters:)


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