Blog Tour: Character Profile from Tide by Daniela Sacerdoti

Today on the blog I have the lovely Daniela taking over to tell us a bit more about one of my fav characters from her book series, Sean.  I was a big fan of Dreams and now that Tide coming out it just means more time to spend swooning over Sean!  So here’s Daniela with a profile on Sean. 

 Thanks to Janne at Black and White Publishing for the spot on the blog tour and of course Daniela.  Tide is available here and bookshops from the end of the month

When Harry Midnight, Sean’s best friend and brother in all but blood, asked him to assume his identity and travel to Scotland to watch over Sarah Midnight, Sean didn’t hesitate. He was the Midnight Gamekeeper, and he trusted Harry with all his being. What Sean couldn’t predict was that he’d fall in love with Sarah, and how that would complicate everything for him.

Sean Hannay had always been the solitary type; raised by loveless grandparents, he never felt the need for a home or a family. Harry was the first person to ever touch his heart, and the Gamekeeping world the only family he needed. All that changed when he met Sarah. He fell for her helplessly and completely, and with such an intensity that he knew he could never love anyone else but her. But when Sarah discovered his real identity, his deceit stood between them like a wall and in Tide, Sarah struggles to forgive him. And even if she finds it in her heart to do so, more and bigger obstacles stand in their path.

Sean is a born leader, and although loyal to the death to his friends, he’s not exactly a team player: he likes being in charge. His body bears the scars of many battles: most of them have taken place in Japan, where he used to hunt with Elodie and his former girlfriend, Mary Anne. His time in Japan is quite mysterious – we don’t know much about it, except that it was brutal.

He is fiercely committed to being a Gamekeeper and to the cause of the Secret Heirs – he will stop at nothing to protect them and their legacy, even if it means putting their needs before his own. Despite his fiery and commanding nature, he has a caring, loving streak – not least when it comes to his closest friend, Elodie. But his love for Sarah is completely overwhelming for him. It brings out both his best and his worst sides, and in Tide Sean struggles wildly with his jealousy towards Nicholas Donal – he’s determined to win back Sarah’s trust and obtain her love. Sean and Sarah’s bond is strong, but can it survive the weight of the Secret families’ legacy?

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