Review: Night School Legacy by C.J. Daugherty


In the last year, Allie’s survived three arrests, two breakups and one family breakdown. The only bright point has been her new life at Cimmeria Academy. It’s the one place she’s felt she belongs. And the fact that it’s brought dark-eyed Carter West into her life hasn’t hurt either. But far from being a safe haven, the cloistered walls of Cimmeria are proving more dangerous than Allie could have imagined. The students and faculty are under threat, and Allie’s family – from her mysterious grandmother to her runaway brother – are at the centre of the storm. Allie is going to have to choose between protecting her family and trusting her friends. But secrets have a way of ripping even the strongest relationships apart…

Warning: This is the sequel to the first Night School book so you’re in a bit of a pickle if you haven’t read the 1st book as this review will have spoilers for that one.  Go read it fools!

I’ve been really interested to see where we go with Allie in the follow up to Night School and how her Legacy really does play a part in her future because until now she hasn’t been aware of any of it.  She’s just been a rebel girl that’s found her place at a strange new school with more secrets then she can handle.  I was so pleased to finally get back to Cimmeria Academy and to find out more about Night School itself and how the fall out of the horrid destruction at the end of the last book has affected the school and the people that live in it.

Allie starts out hopeful that with her new mind set and direction thanks to the strict rules of the Academy that her life will run a bit smoother and things will become clearer but with knowledge only comes more questions and troubles.  She’s no clearer as to what is going on with her brother and why she’s stuck in the middle of two waring factions of the secret society of power that revolves around the school as it’s focus.  Her personal life isn’t much better either.  She’s with Carter but after everything between herself and Sylvain can a bond like theirs really be forgotten?  Sylvain did awful things to her (one moment in particular) but can he be a changed guy?  Will Allie’s friendships last all the secrets she’s keeping?  Will Allie herself survive?

So many questions and you do get most answered; it’d be a very dull book if you didn’t.  However it takes quite a while to get there.  I really enjoyed seeing all the characters again and getting a better insight into Night School as well as the history of Allie’s family but it was slow going compared to all the high paced action of Book 1.  There was action, tears, drama, romance, humour and those awesome red books I envy so but as a whole it was a much slower book than the first.  I didn’t dislike it but I was disappointed that there wasn’t the same amount of adrenaline.  This book for far more about the internal emotion side of Allie’s problems with a dash a physical danger for balance.

One huge shout out though; I ADORED ZOE!!!! She is possibly my new favourite character in this series because I utterly loved her personality and lack of awareness of anyone else most of the time. So funny.

Overall I was pleased with what I got out of Night School because it’s setting the tone of Book 3 and some big reveals I hope that will appear but it was slower than the first book and I think that’s why I took longer to read it.  A good series that covers all aspects of human emotions and the complexities of them all when you’re a teenage girl in an unusual situation.

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