Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: Waiting for Gonzo by Dave Cousins


Meet Oz . . . he's got a talent for trouble but his heart's always in the right place (well, nearly always).

Uprooted from his friends and former life, Oz finds himself stranded in the sleepy village of Slowleigh. When a joke backfires on the first day at his new school, Oz attracts the attention of Isobel Skinner, the school psycho - but that's just the beginning.

After causing an accident that puts his mum in hospital, Oz isn't exactly popular at home either. His older sister's no help, but then she's got a problem of her own . . . one that's growing bigger by the day.

Oz knows he's got to put things right, but life isn't that simple, especially when the only people still talking to you are a hobbit-obsessed kid and a voice in your own head!

Packed with action, heart and humour, Waiting for Gonzo takes you for a white-knuckle ride on the Wheel of Destiny as it careers out of control down the Hillside of Inevitability. The question is, do you go down laughing? Or grit your teeth and jump off?


From Dave Cousins comes a new tale of humour and drama when a small simple act can cause a tumbling action in not just one life but many.  Oz has been moved to a small sleepy village where he has practically zero phone signal (and thus contact with anyone) and is resentful of his parents for thinking this move would be a great idea.  His older sister isn't any help either as she's in the same ocean but a different boat .... if that makes sense.

Oz wants to fit in but not be bothered by bullies and the like and after his first day his place in life is set to loserville.  Befriended by the school geek, revealing girls undies from his bag in class and doodling on a photo of the school psycho Isobel means Oz is set for big trouble.

I was a surprising fan of Dave's first book "15 Days Without A Head" and so i knew not to judge a book by it's cover or title.  I say surprising fan because I thought the first book was a zombie comedy based on the title and cover (it isn't) and this book isn't about hanging around for The Muppets (although I would have still loved to read that book!).  No; this book is about school woes, having to start again as a teenager and the woes and groans of being a boy.  Dave Cousin is what I'd call a "genuine writer" because you always get a sense that you're reading pieces of honesty tied up in a story.  Oz is very believable and if i'm honest; a bit of an arse at times but that just made me warm to him more.  He thinks so highly of himself and assumes the world revolves around him.  When he loses his phone all he can worry about is having no access to his music; the legendary Dead Frank.

My favourite character in the whole book has to be the movie junkie and book loving nerd boy that is Ryan.  I have a soft spot for geek boys and Ryan is uber geek.  Plus you can't help but love his attitude and strength at such a young age.  You'll have noticed in my review I haven't explained the Waiting for Gonzo title and I won't be as its a big spoiler but it's genius.

A Riotous read and a real romp of a good time!  Plus having a Muppet in the title of your book is NEVER a bad thing.

Published by OUP and is available here and bookshops from March 2013


  1. So looking forward to reading this book. Great review - for 'a genuine writer'!!

  2. This book sounds amazing, fantastic review :)

  3. I just read 15 days yesterday and loved it, this is on my tbr waiting for me and I cant wait to get round to it! thanks for the review spook! x