Blogger Event: On the Boat with Andy Robb

A long time ago (a week or so ago actually) on a boat far far away (2 hours on a train. Gee Whiz) a gathering of blogger occurred.
Or is it an ambush? What’s the collective noun of bloggers? Never Mind

So, I had been invited to do an interview again with Mr Andy Robb along with the lovely Kerrie from Read and Repeat and the slightly sinister Matt from Teen Librarian and so off we all went on an overcast Wednesday to the boat.  I’d been once before but my sense of direction wasn’t much help as usual so thankfully we had Kate from Stripes Publishing guiding us all there and back.  Andy was one of the best author’s I’ve interviewed and is not only very funny but seemingly full of an endless catalogue of tales to tell.  Perfect for a blogger like myself!
We all arrived on time (wooooo) and made it to the riverside and Kate called Andy to say we’d arrived and he then proceeded to prank Kate by pointing out what can only be described as a plastic row boat in front of us and how to cast off to row over.  We were all laughing still when he arrived in the actual motorised dingy (well, everyone but Kate was laughing.  Kate just seemed a bit panicked still).

On board and then it was down to business.  I haven’t mentioned yet but this interview was being filmed and ahead of time we’d sent questions for the camera crew (Cristina and Steve from Criskcraker Films) and after some introductions and cup of tea’s we settled into interview mode and getting ready to paint miniatures ALA Archie in Geekhood 1 and 2.
We all had lots of questions about Geekhood: Mission Improbable, Andy’s writing, his work outside of the book world, his Waterstones Children’s Book Prize nom and if there will be a next Geekhood to round off the series (PLEASE SAY THERE WILL BE!!!)

 I thought I’d just highlight a few things NOT in the video.
Andy pulling silly faces and mucking around while the camera was on us asking questions.

The endless takes of Matt’s introduction that made him look like a serial killer
That miniature painting is hard and Kerrie and I had paint all on our hands but Matt was an expert

Matt and Andy gushing over books and comic artists and Kerrie and I looking very bemused as to what the hell they were talking about.

The geese.  They are loud and Andy does not like them
The food. Andy is such a good cook and made us Thai Green Curry and Sticky Toffee Pudding
The teddy.  He’s in the video but that IS actually Andy’s teddy from childhood and he’s wearing a jumper that used to be Andy’s as a nipper too.  We all love Teddy.
Cristina and Steve.  They are an ace film team and also really funny.  
The time.  We were there all day and even though the video is short there were more questions asked and answer and we had to ask and hear the answers MANY times.
The ending.  Andy then asked us each a secret questions and we had to wait our turn in his bedroom with our fingers in our ears.  All very high tech!
Thanks to Kate at Stripes, Cristina and Steve for filming and of course Andy Robb for talking, feeding and watering us and being an all round good egg.
Another of my fav interviews.

Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind and Geekhood: Mission Improbable are both available to buy NOW and are published by Stripes Publising


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