Event Post: Celebrating Differences Event with Laura Jarratt, Sally Gardner and R.J.Palacio

On 14th August I was offered a ticket to a very exciting event at Waterstones Piccadilly, London.  The event was about Celebrating Differences and had three top YA authors on the panel to discuss the differences in their novels and how they approached it and it was received by readers.  I was very excited to go to this event because all three authors have written books I loved for many reasons.  I looked to be an exciting event and I was even able to arrive early and get a good seat. GO ME!
R.J.Palacio, Sally Gardner and Laura Jarratt
It was a fantastic event, as expected, and it was wonderful to have these particular authors together on a panel and hear them talk about the variety of differences they cover in their books, why they chose to pin point them and how they made their characters not all about their differences, but about the way they shape their lives around them.
I was interested to find out the when Sally Gardner wrote Maggot Moon she didn’t ever intend for Standish to be a dyslexic character and it was her natural dyslexic voice that came out in her words.  For Laura, she wrote a story that just captured the voices of the young people she worked with.  She heard many desperate voices in the school she works in for a range of reasons and put that into her characters and did some research on burn victims recover and the rest wasn’t about focusing on the differences physically.  The same was true for Raquel, who wrote a story about a child his view on the world as they viewed him so differently because of his appearance.  
There were lots of questions about the writing process, the reception the books have had and the trends in publishing.  I then got a chance to get my books signed by all three wonderful authors and chat briefly to them individually.  
I wish I could remember more what was said but I was sort of sucked in too much to makes notes or anything else.  I was really lucky to go to this event and would highly recommend to anyone to go and catch any of these authors at events if they can.

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