Event Post: Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013

So I was so excited to go to a book festival and due to timing and work etc I was able to book myself a few days up in Edinburgh for the festival there.  I’ve never been to a book festival or even that far north so I was like a five year old on their first ever bus trip.  I was bouncy and excitable on the train and was pointing out sheep, cows and other amazing sites for the whole journey.  I arrived and checked into the hotel (nice place, the staff were very smily) and then nipped straight over to the festival to work out were everything was.

The weather was surprisingly lovely (as in my head it would be raining all the time) and people in Edinburgh, especially book festivals are lovely and chatty.  These are my kind of people.  
I checked out the bookshops and went very touristy and took photos of all my favourite books (because I’m cool like that) and then sat down for a nice cuppa and the best shortbread I’ve ever had in my life.  I had a ticket for the So Embarrassing! event with Andy Robb and Karen Saunders.
Low and behold who popped up but Andy Robb so he sat down for a quick chat and catch up before he had to go and check in at the authors Yurt (haloed place with free teas and coffee AND biscuits).  Andy Robb: top funny bloke and very kind to come and say hi.
Andy Robb and Me. Award for the most Photogenic people at the Festival?
Andy went off, because it wasn’t far from show time, I finished my tea and queued up.  I was front row so I could pull faces at Karen and Andy (because I’m nice like that) and hear all the questions and answers.  The Event was brilliant and so funny.  Andy was up out of his seat and all over the place and Karen was nervous (as she told us all) and stayed put in her seat but had one of the most genius props for an event to use during Q&As.  Won’t tell you what it is because everyone will steal the idea but Karen is a genius.

Fab event and lots of laughs and then I saw Karen and Andy afterwards who invited me to go and chat and hang out … in the Yurt.   I got a guest lanyard and everything.  Nearly wet myself.  

Day two was more book shopping, looking around Edinburgh and taking in the sites on the high streets and popping back to the Yurt to say hello to some lovelies including Tanya Byrne, Terri Terry, Sharon Jones, Liz Bankes and meeting Sita Brahmachari and Keith Gray briefly.  I felt like the cat who got the cream.  As it was the last full day there I was out for dinner and had proper Scottish grub including haggis which I actually loved!

All in all the whole time at the festival was brilliant and I loved the Jura Unbound events in the evening which were free events with either music, spoken word etc to get people to enjoy the venue and relax.  A great mix of guests, authors, workers from the events and the general public.  I may have danced but I’ll never tell you for sure.
I want to send a special thanks to Karen Saunders and Andy Robb for being lovely and giving an ace talk and all the people that run this fab festival because it’s made me want to come back and try and stay longer next time!

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