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Today we have the always awesome Sarwat Chadda on the blog talking about how to write a novel in just two months.  Yes, TWO MONTHS. Crazy or epic? You decide!

Plus a giveaway at the end! Woooo!

How to write a novel in two months
by Sarwat Chadda

Let’s get one thing straight, I wouldn’t recommend it. But then, how hard can it be?
The original plan was for the Ash Mistry series to come out every March from 2012. One book a year. Easy-peasy.
So I got the first two books done and had all of 2012 off. I was so ahead of schedule that I wrote another book (about 19th Century Punjabi eunuchs. It seemed a good idea at the time.) and caught up on all my backlog of dvd boxed sets and, may I mention, isn’t Breaking Bad awesome? Not sure it’s quite as good as Mad Men but I’m really getting into it right now. 
So, there I was, November 2012, two books done. I thought I might start Book 3 sometime in Spring 2013. It wasn’t due to be published until March 2014, remember.
Then I got the call. Publication was being moved forward EIGHT months. So they needed it by the New Year.
It’s November and I haven’t written a word.
The thing is, I’ve been pondering the Ash Mistry trilogy for a long, long time. The original idea was from 1994 (back then it was a comic, I’ve still got the artwork lying around somewhere. Funnily enough it also had 19th Century Punjabi eunuchs in it. Hmm…)

I’ve written two books. I know where the story’s headed, more or less. I have a plan…
You write because you’re crazy about stories. You write because you just want to get them out. The devil drives.
I had a few post-its on the wall. I had MOTHER****ING MASSIVE BATTLE written on the story-map. The trick was to get from the beginning to the end without making a mess of it all.
It was insane. It was fun but by the end of it I truly never wanted to look at a book ever again and I was dreaming of cursors marching every night. I was totally burnt out ad it took me about four months to get over it but by Dec 22nd I had a 78,000 word novel.
I took Christmas off, gave it a polish (and added another 6,000 words) and it went to the editor in February.
It was on the shelves 4th July, nine months from the day I put down the first word.
I am insanely proud of it. Ash #3 is the mad one. The one which just went for it where it was all just smashed down. It’s the one where I talk about losing loved ones, Jain philosophy (must be a first in MG/YA fiction), time-travel and alternative selves and ends with a battle upon a giant mechanical elephant! Yes, it was a fun, mental journey.
It’s also my homage to my fav fantasy heroes, Elric of Melnibone and the other Eternal Champions. It’s my superhero team-up book.

Now there are some who have apparently spotted plot holes. Yeah, right, Sisterspooky. As if.
Let me clarify a few.

  • Ash seems to know a lot of history. Yes. He does. Didn’t I establish that in Book 1 with his relationship with his uncle? Also, he is the Eternal Warrior so has recall of his past lives. He knows a lot of history because he’s lived through most of it.
  • Ashoka is very technical-minded. Yeah, also pointed out in immense detail. His father is a director of an engineering consultancy. Ashoka works alongside him. Ashoka won the school science prize. Such things do not come out of the blue.
  • They know a lot about missiles. What 14 year old boy doesn’t? My kid knows a lot about missiles. Subscription to ‘How it Works’, people.
Oh Mr Chadda.  You’re a sneaky one with your bullet points.  I stand by my holes though, being a 28 year-old that wouldn’t know the specs of a missile even if it were labelled as I’d hazard a guess, most people would.  My review for Ash Mistry and the World of Darkness is here, plot holes and all, and feel free to read the book and comment either agreeing or disagreeing with my opinion.


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Sarwat has a nifty website for his books and more info on where you can find him on upcoming tour dates and festivals!


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