Review: Starring Kitty by Keris Stainton


The series centres on a group of three friends who enter a film-making competition, with each book focusing on a different girl’s life, including first relationships, family life and friends. The first book in the series will be Starring Kitty, which Keris has been writing as part of NaNoWriMo and will focus on Kitty as she works out how she feels about another girl.


Being a big fan of Keris Stainton, I was approached by the publisher to see if I’d be interested in reading an early edition of her latest MG book, to which I replied yes; of course.  I’d heard bits and bobs about this new book from Keris and some of the themes around it and knowing it was a story about young romance from a LGBT stand point really intrigued me.  I’ve read many stories that have LGBT characters or about issues surrounding coming out or being gay but I’d never read a romance where the “being gay” wasn’t the focus of the story; it was just part and parcel of the plot about a first time romance.

Kitty lives in a smallish town finds herself attracted to a girl.  This girl is cool and funny and seems to like Kitty back but Kitty’s not sure how to make the first move as she’s never had a crush before.  It’s all a bit scary for her and plus, she’s not quite sure how to tell her best friends that the someone she’s crushing on is a girl.  In the mean time, the friends are trying to film a project to advertise their hometown for a contest that could see them win a trip to London and a film school while Kitty deals with her mum being ill and trying to keep the family together and working.  Will they win or will the mean girl ruin everything for them?  Will Kitty and her crush, Dylan, finally get together? 

This book is such a sweet and lovely story that it felt like a cuddle in a warm blanket in book form.  It was a delight to read and was just a perfect quick romantic read for me and will be perfect for summer reading.  As ever, I remain a Keris Stainton fan, as she manages to perfect the kind of light-hearted and delightful romances that we all dreamed about as a teen.  Kitty’s family, especially her fabulous granny, are a great mix of characters and along with Kitty’s friends, Starring Kitty is a really diverse book that doesn’t feel forced or too ‘trying’.  It’s a book about realistic people that come together to make a lovely little treat of a book.

Published by Catnip Publishing and is available online and in bookshops from July 2014


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