Friday, 4 July 2014

Event Post: Cakes in Space Launch Event, London

On July 1st, I was invited to an event I was most excited about.  I'd even taken to twitter on the build up to the launch to express my glee.  Cakes in Space, a Reeve and McIntyre Production, had an early launch party at a gorgeous little independent bakery in London.  I knew that there would be some crazy cool outfits from Philip and Sarah and tried to make a bit of an effort, but I couldn't match their standards.

Photo credit to Achuka for the photo of me
Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
I had a cup of "tea" that was rather strong so I nursed it for an hour or so but I was so well behaved and avoided eating the cakes.  I'm off sweet things for a while to try and smooth out a few lumps and bumps that have appeared.  Anyway; back to the launch do.

It was a lovely event and I was blown away and quite humbled that Sarah and Philip said some lovely things about my blog and were keen to ask about my own writing.  Kinda mind-boggling that they even read my blog because they are such cool people.  I got to meet with the lovelies from Oxford University Press and could chat to them about their upcoming projects, which sound fantastic.

I want to say a huge thank you to OUP, Sarah and Philip for inviting me to this amazing party and to tell you that Cakes in Space is published September 2014.

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  1. This sounds like it was a brilliantly fun event - I remember seeing your tweets from the event, they all brought a smile to my face :)