Review: Goblin Quest by Philip Reeve


The goblins have a visitor. Prince Rhind is on some sort of quest to be a hero, desperate for his place in the hall of fame.

But Skarper and his troop of goblins know the prince’s plan is a bad one, even if they don’t quite know why. Now they must go on a quest of their own to stop him – but Rhind isn’t about to let a bunch of pesky goblins get in his way…


WARNING: This is the third in a series so there will be spoilers for the previous two books but not for this one.  Not unless those cheeky Goblins sneak in and mess around!

 A new Philip Reeve book, did you say? Why, yes, I shall be happy to gobble this book up and review it. 🙂

We are welcomed back into the world of Clovenstone to see our lovely friend Skarper on another adventure of full of fights, cheese, giants and mer-people.  It’s back to the world where things are a bit nutty, strange and loopy.  Huzzah!

This time we are on a Quest to try and stop the valiant, but misguided, Prince Rhind from trying to raise the would of Elves from out of the sea and bring back their kingdom.  Sounds like a good idea, a nice thing to do perhaps, but based on the research and book-reading it sounds like the worst idea in the world.   That, perhaps, the elves are not the nice pranching folk we are led to believe.  The Prince has his warrior like sister, his odd cook and a wizard that we’ve meet before in tow on their way to bring back the age of Elves and see his place in history is stamped out.  The Goblins and their human companions, Zeewa and Henwyn , are off to try and stop him but face their own troubles along the way.

Another funny tale of mischief and challenges from the great mind of Philip Reeve.  I tried to savour this book because I’m not sure if there are anymore Goblins books to come and didn’t want to rush my enjoyment of it.  It was nice to see some of the old guard of characters back for another adventure as well as new ones that were just as amusing and odd.  It was a nice addition to my collection and made me chuckle enough to have my work mates give me some funny looks.  Bravo, Mr Reeve.

An eccentric and very British funny book that will bring a smile to your face.

Published by Scholastic UK and is available in bookshops and online now

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