Christmas Adventures and Seasonal Mini Reviews

Wow! 2015; we made it!  A brand new year with new books to read and more adventures to be had.  I spent my Christmas work break at home and with my family around London with our traditional sense of nuttiness.  Christmas Day was spent with Mum and Step-Dad at a well-known french high street restaurant and not everyone was pleased with their meals but I rather enjoyed the indulgence of it all!  My cousin, Rebecca, and I realised that we can not be beaten when it comes to our Logo Game: Movie and TV knowledge and I worked out that having too much food that is mainly beige in colour can upset your stomach. :S
I was very lucky to get some lovely presents from my loved ones ranging from books, a new green hat, clothes and lots of bathroom goodies and I also had a good time with them all and many laughs as ever.  My brother couldn’t make it over from Spain this year but I sent him a little something to think of me when he was away from the family at Christmas.
Because I’m the best sister…EVER.
Then I went over to the BF’s and we ventured off to Devon for the New Year.  Now; I don’t want to overshadow my family Christmas with the Devon experience (as family christmas is always fun; if not a bit crazy) but I had been looking forward to going to Devon again for yonks.  I’ve sort of fallen in love with Devon over the last year and couldn’t wait to get back and explore more.  We visited Exeter and wandered around the shops and Cathedral.  
Exeter was lovely because I’d been before, many years ago, visiting a chum in our student days so I had a very different memory of the city.  It mainly involved bars and clubs then and now it was about the history and views.  
There was so great food consumed over the week including some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had and a artsy Indian meal on NYE.  
Sadly; like most adventures, it had to end and has wrapped up with me having to contend with returning to work today with an awful cold.  I’m looking forward to visiting Devon again in the summer and hopefully seeing Dartmoor again when the weather is well above freezing.
All this “relaxing” has meant I’ve been able to complete my first draft of my WIP (finalllllly) and can begin editing and amending it and I also got to read some books including A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond (Loved this story and really keen to see the film now) The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (lovely fantasy MG with great art work) and The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Russell Brand and Chris Riddell (a good fairytale but I think I enjoyed the illustrations far more than the story itself.  I always find ‘celebrity’ authors a bit hit and miss).
All these books were bought by my Mum and Step-Dad and up next I’ve got the Wombles to read.  I’m looking forward to change in 2015; but good changes and here’s hoping everyone else had some fun seasonal adventures!

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