Love is All Around … for Bloggers.

Over the last 5 years of being a book blogger, I’ve seen some wonderful things happen to the community as it’s grown and shaped with time.  It began as a few strong buds that bloomed and then encouraged others to grown along side them.  Over time, more things grew and now it seems like there is a whole forest of us bloggers.  In fact, there are so many of us out there that I couldn’t even tell you about all of them.  
All these individual blogs have unique personalities and voices within them and it’s amazing that I get to be a part of this great community.  However, the niggle in the back of my head has always been Are we being taken seriously? Do they just look as us all and not ‘get it’?

Lovely bloggers at YALC: Photo by Michelle at Fluttering Butterflies
It’s wonderful to see real-life books in shops with blogs quoted in them and referenced.  Social media means we can interact with authors and publishers just like chatting with any other of our mates … but when it comes down to it, there isn’t any one place that is shining a light on this community, other than the odd moment on Twitter, saying “What you lot do is amazing”.  We know we are loved by publicists, authors and agents for the work we do and the fact that we do it all for free and in our spare time outside of work/life/school/uni/family/friends/sleep.  However, authors have their own awards and so do publishing houses and we don’t.
It was something of a delight to see not one, but two specially-created awards that are championing bloggers and their network.  First comes from Faye at Daydreamer’s Thoughts and she has created a great community awards where, us the bloggers (and other people, I assume), can vote for each other anonymously for a huge variety of awards.  Bloggers do so much already, so for Faye to take the time to organise this herself is, quite frankly, amazing.
And, like a London bus, we get another awards thrown our way.  This time it’s a slightly different tone because it’s been organised by an author and then nominated and voted on by authors and publishers.  More an external awards, if you will.  There’s even going to be a proper event in a London bookshop.  I’m definitely going to go, even if I’m not shortlisted because it sound like it’ll be a great chance to hang out with blogger pals and even the lovely authors and publishers that were kind enough to say “Hey. You guys. We love you and this is how we’re showing it!”.
I’ve been long-listed for the awards and will probably get all dizzy and giggly if I get shortlisted.  If I was to win an award, I’d most likely cry or wet myself.  EXCITING TIMES!
It’s great to see so much love for bloggers and what we do and I hope that awards like these will only help to raise awareness of what we do for publishing, books and maybe even get the mainstream media to take note of us not just as a gimmicky novelty.  
We’re changing the world in our own little way and it’s great to be on TEAM BLOGGER!


The lovely Carly from Writing from the Tub has also been inspired by the blogger love from UKYABA to write a fab post on why she loves UKYA and the blogging community!


Also, Hannah Love from Faber and Faber has posted some lovely thoughts about why bloggers are so important over on the UKYABA website


And after chatting with a couple bloggers online, I thought:  All this blogger love is amazing and wouldn’t it be nice to show it in return by promoting the websites and saying thanks?”

So, I’m calling all bloggers, to perhaps take the time out from their usual blogging and to write a little post on their websites about the blogging community, about why they blog, what they love about it etc.  Long or short, it doesn’t matter.  The only thing I’d recommend is to link to the two awards as I have done above and then tweet their accounts (@daydreamin_star and @ukyaba) when it’s live so they can share it.  The love is there; now it’s time to spread it!


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