Review: A Web of Air by Philip Reeve


Two years ago, Fever Crumb escaped the war-torn city of London in a travelling theatre. Now she arrives in the extraordinary crater city of Mayda, where buildings ascend the cliffs on funicular rails, and a mysterious recluse is building a machine that can fly. Fever is the engineer he needs – but ruthless enemies will kill to possess their secrets. This is the fabulous sixth book in the “Mortal Engines” series, from the brilliant and award-winning Philip Reeve.


WARNING: This is the second in the series and this review may contain spoilers for the previous book in the series, as well as the other Mortal Engines series.

I’ve been saving this series to slowly gobble-up on the run up to the new release from Philip Reeve (Railhead, which I think will be out this September if all goes to plan).  I only have one more and I already know that there was meant to be a fourth in the series that isn’t published.  It’s a heart-ache that I’ll just have to grin and bare.  Until then; at least I have these books still read.

A Web of Air takes place two years after the great events in Fever Crumb, as we see Fever trying to settle into a new life away from the order and logic of the Engineers.  However, trouble seems to always find Fever no matter where she runs to.  She becomes involved in the idea of making flight a reality; a crazy idea from a man that might be crazy himself but it’s an idea that could be a possibility.  It’s too much to ignore and she decides to follow up her hunger for discovery, only to become sucked into a turf war, murder and a race against time to finish before others try to snatch the idea away or just crush it completely.  Fever also has to contend with something she’s never had to consider before: romance.  Can someone that has existed inside her own head for her whole life, finally listen to her heart for a moment?

I threw myself back into the world of Fever Crumb, like jumping back into a bed after a long  road journey, and snuggled down into the warm duvet of words.  This is a fab continuation of the world of the Mortal Engines and yet again I got to enjoy seeing little nods to the Mortal Engines series of books as well as simply enjoying a good adventure story.  Fever is a great female MC and holds the story together in a  completely refreshing fashion; it’s not all about boys and being the victim because she’s the one kicking some butt on occasion and saving the boy too.

I look forward to the final book in this series and to see how it all ties together but I shall hold off until I get my grubby hands on Mr Reeve’s next book.  The wait is a bit unbearable already. 

Published by Scholastic UK and is available online and in bookshops now

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