Star Wars: The Force Awakens GEEK EXCITEMENT

So … this little bit of beautifulness appeared on the world wide web last night: 
After I regained my “cool” and stopped manically retweeting links to the teaser, I knew I wanted to blog about it.  Star Wars was one of the key pieces of parental hand-me-downs that I was given.  My Dad was a massive geek and gave me an education in Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings that is ingrained in my childhood.
I’m not *the* biggest fan; I can’t name you the specs of the various crafts or droids but I know I love these films.  How can you not?  They are on a scale that is rarely matched in cinema with the possible exception of the LotR series.  Maybe.
This trailer: Why is it so fucking marvellous?
We get a proper look at the new key cast which is bloody awesome.  Looks like a killer line-up!
Plus; I’ve been excited for this little fella ever since the first teaser and to see little clips of him from the Star Wars Celebration main presentation (where the second trailer was debuted) has me very excited.  He’s REAL!!!
Apart from the fantastic original trilogy nods and references, (melted Vader mask anyone?? I shivered seeing it for the first time.), it was this moment that stole the show:
It’s doesn’t matter that he’s aged; he’s still Solo and always will be.  
Space Westerns are going to own the world once again and I can’t wait to let it take over my life.  Quite frankly, they can cancel Christmas because I won’t have time to notice it anyway; I’ll be in the cinema watching this over and over instead.

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