Blog Tour: Missing Children & the Media by Cat Clarke + UK GIVEAWAY

Today we welcome Cat Clarke to the blog to discuss why she decided to write about missing children for her latest book:
I’ve always been interested in the subject of missing children, even when I was a child myself. A missing person is every family’s worst nightmare, particularly when it’s a child. 
I follow these stories in the news quite closely and I’ve read a lot of books about missing children. Something that’s always struck me is that some stories seem to capture the public imagination – and some don’t. A missing child who is white and middle-class is far more likely to appear on the front pages of our newspapers than one who isn’t.
Every missing child should be front-page news – of course they should. But that’s not what happens. It remains to be seen whether it’s a case of the media second-guessing what the ‘general’ public will care about, or whether they know for sure that people are more likely to care about the fates of certain types of children. Whatever the answer to that question, this disturbing trend is seen again and again.
This is what made me want to write The Lost and the Found. When something bothers me or worries me, my automatic response is to want to write about it. The Lost and the Found explores some of these issues, and a whole bunch of other ones. It’s about family and first relationships, doing what you can to protect the ones you love, and that very fine line between adolescence and adulthood. 
I wanted to look at the subject of missing children from the perspective of the sibling who’s left behind, and explore what it would be like to have your entire childhood dominated by an unresolved tragedy. Faith, the main character, is a very different person by the time you reach the end of the book.
The Lost and the Found feels a little different to my previous novels, so it’s a little scary for it to be out in the world. I hope you like it!
Thanks so much to Cat and her publishers for organising this tour.  Now; time for an extra special treat: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!

Thanks to Quercus Books, we have on offer a bundle of Cat Clarke’s back catalogue.  This prize will be sent out by the lovely publishers and the winner will be selected at random.  All you have to do is answer this question by tweeting to @quercuskids @cat_clarke and myself @sisterspooky with the answer.  The giveaway runs until midnight on Sunday (12th) and is UK only.

The Question:

What is the name of the main character and her missing sister in The Lost and the Found?

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