Review: Lily and the Christmas Wish by Keris Staiton


When a town’s Christmas wishes get mixed-up, can one little girl and her dog put them right?

The little town of Pinewood can’t wait for Christmas this year. They’re going to celebrate by putting up a giant Christmas tree in the town square, and asking all the townspeople to hang a Christmas wish on its branches. Everyone is feeling very festive, including nine-year-old Lily – although she’s not sure she believes in wishes. Then a very strange storm blows in, scattering all the wishes…and Lily wakes up the next morning to a bit of a surprise. Bug, her adorable pug puppy, can talk! It’s magic – and a wish come true! But it’s not Lily’s wish…

Lily and her little brother James soon discover that something must have happened during the storm – the town’s wishes have been granted, but to all the wrong people! Lily, James and Bug must work out which wish belongs to who, and sort everything out before Christmas Eve – otherwise no one will get what they want for Christmas.


I was sent a copy of this book for review by the publishers in exchange for an honest opinion.

I’m a big fan of Keris’ work and I’m always happy to read anything she writes.  She has a real knack of creating something that is both honest and real, but at the same time it’s also magical and like a mini movie.  Lily and the Christmas Wish tells the story of Lily and her family as some odd events in their small town.  As the town reaches Christmas and a big centinary year, they are celebrating by tying luggage tags onto the town’s final surviving pine tree.  Each tag holds a wish from everyone in town and everybody seems keen to take part.  However when a strange storm blows through, the wishes start to come true but not in the way the wishes had intended.  Can Lily and her little brother, James, save the day and the town?

Lily and the Christmas Wish is a very sweet and lovely story that has a real heart beating within it.  Keris has created an adorable collection of characters and that you can’t help but find endearing.  I can already see loads of young kids reading this book (or being read to) and then tying their own wishes to trees in the hopes that they get a talking pug dog too.  Even as someone who isn’t a dog person, I couldn’t help have a little wish of my own.

A true Christmas tale that makes your heart melt and long for a big snow fall so you can stay in all day and keep re-reading this book.

Published by Piccadilly Press and is available online and in bookshops now

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