Review: Diggers by Terry Pratchett


And Grimma said, We have two choices. We can run, or we hide. And they said, Which shall we do?
She said, We shall Fight.

A Bright New Dawn is just around the corner for thousands of tiny nomes when they move into the ruined buildings of an abandoned quarry. Or is it?

Soon strange things begin to happen. Like the tops of puddles growing hard and cold, and the water coming down from the sky in frozen bits. Then humans appear and they really mess everything up. The quarry is to be re-opened, and the nomes must fight to defend their new home. But how long will they be able to keep the humans at bay – even with the help of the monster Jekub?


WARNING: This is the second in a trilogy of books and will likely contain spoilers of the previous book in the series.  You’ve had your warning; no moaning!

I bought a copy of this book from a charity shop on a complete whim.  I’d read the first book a little while ago and really enjoyed it but had been trying to get a copy with a matching cover.  It’s silly, I know, but I really hate having books in a series with different covers.  I love a matching set and thus why I hate when, mid-way through a series, they re-design covers.  EGH!

This cover doesn’t match but it was so cheap and it was for charity so I was happy to buy it.

This follows on from Truckers and starts a few months after all the Nomes have left The Store and are living in an abandoned quarry.  It soon appears that the quarry isn’t so much abandoned by the Humans but just waiting to be worked upon.  The Nomes are worried and with winter approaching, the Store Nomes are in for a shock with the cold and slowly disappearing food stores.  When some of the Nomes go off in the hopes of finding a solution, the remaining Nomes have to pull together to survive.  Will the Human invasion bring doom down onto the Nome world?  Will division in the ranks cause the Nomes to tear themselves apart?

This was another fun adventure with the Nomes but it felt more like an interlude between two big events: the leaving of The Store and the adventure to come.  I liked seeing how the Nomes had changed as they’d been forced to face the elements and how learn to live on top of each other.  I loved how Grimma tries so hard to help the other Nomes but old traditions about gender makes it hard but this doesn’t stop her trying.

Diggers is a nice new twist in this series and the ending was full of enough mystery that the third book went straight onto my wish list.  Fun, clever and delightful.

Published by Puffin Books and is available online and in bookshops now

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