Review: Love Song by Sophia Bennett


A million girls would kill for the chance to meet The Point, but Nina’s not one of them.

She’s the new assistant to the lead singer’s diva fiancée, and she knows it’s going to suck. She quickly learns that being with the hottest band on the planet isn’t as easy as it looks: behind the scenes, the boys are on the verge of splitting up. Tasked with keeping an eye on four gorgeous but spoiled rock stars, Nina’s determined to stick it out – and not fall for any of them …

The new novel from the popular and highly-acclaimed author of You Don’t Know Me, The Look, and the Threads series.


I was sent a proof copy of this book for review by the publishers but, to be quite honest, if I’d been offered a copy for review, I would have requested it myself.  This book ticks a lot of boxes for me because I was a music kid when I was a teen.  I just can’t say no to a music/gig based YA book if the story sounds good enough.  Plus, Sophia Bennett has never written a book that I haven’t enjoyed.

Love Song follows Nina as she becomes sucked into the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll and backstage drama that most girls dream about.  Nina isn’t exactly a fan of The Point but you’d have to be from outer space not to have heard of them.  After a chance meeting and odd magic, Nina becomes part of their entourage team while they’re on tour in Europe.  She becomes part of a world that most fans would kill for but it isn’t the dream that she imagined it might be.  Can she survive the opportunity of a lifetime or will it break her?  Will seeing these idols like they’ve never been seen before change her mind about them?

I LOVED THIS BOOK.  It is bliss in book form and was an utter delight to read.  I’m not one for the mushy love story and often find romance in YA to be a bit too make-believe for me to buy into.  Love Song had just the right amount of fantasy and reality in it’s love story for me and the overall tone was on point the whole time.  The musical references showed a clear passion for music from Sophia (either that or some great researching) and I really enjoyed every page.  The band dynamics were interesting to dig around in and I think it was clever to have Nina as a vague non-fan so she had that constant outsider feel about her. It made it so much easier for me as the reader to connect with her.

Love Song is a strong and positive look at the reality of fame and how, no matter who you are, you don’t always get it right when it comes to those basic people skills.  People all have their flaws, their personal scars, and Love Song shows us how we can over come them, embrace them and even wear them as a badge of honour; a badge of survival.

An excellent read that I shall be recommending a lot in the future.

Published by Chicken House Books and is available online and in bookshops from April 2016

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