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Today, as part of the #tommyvcancer blog tour, I shall be reviewing his step into the world of Doctor Who with Shroud of Sorrow!  Keep reading until the very end for a very special UK giveaway and details of how you can help support Tommy and the tour!

GoodReads Blurb

It is the day after John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the faces of the dead are everywhere. PC Reg Cranfield sees his recently deceased father in the mists along Totter’s Lane. Reporter Mae Callon sees her late grandmother in a coffee stain on her desk. FBI Special Agent Warren Skeet finds his long-dead partner staring back at him from raindrops on a window pane. Then the faces begin to talk, and scream… and push through into our world. As the alien Shroud begins to feast on the grief of a world in mourning, can the Doctor dig deep enough into his own sorrow to save mankind?


Now, I must confess;  I’m a fan of Doctor Who by the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) wasn’t my Doctor.  I enjoyed him and his performances but Tennant was my Doctor, Baker is my favourite for classic Who and I’ll put my hands up now; I have a Who-Crush on Mr Capaldi.


Anyway …

I was interested to see if this book would make me love the 11th Doctor any more and if a Who novel could still feel like proper telly-style Who.  I’m a fuss-pot but I’ve yet to meet a Who fan or isn’t.

Set just about the assassination of JFK, we meet The Doctor and Clara as the world mourns but there’s evil lurking in that sadness.  Aliens are set to use the outpouring of emotion; to almost feast on it for their own horrid purposes.  The Doctor has to open up himself and show the hurt he’s kept close to his hearts in order to save the day, but can he do it in time?

I actually rather enjoyed this book because it reminded me of all the elements in a Who tale that I love.  From the sense of humour, the adventure, the nods to the Old Who and the heart that always helps to defeat the bad guy.  I think Tommy captured The Doctor and Clara’s voices to a tee and that is why I found it really easy to get into the story.  If they weren’t right, I wouldn’t have believed any of the rest.  Tommy is clearly a Who fan and knows his stuff but he didn’t overdo all the Who references.  That’s always the temptation, even on the telly, and when it’s done too much, it can kill a story flat in its tracks.

I don’t want to talk too much about the actual plot because I really want you to go out and buy a copy to read but for those who loved the Clara/Doctor dynamic and miss it so; read this.  It’s a fun romp around in the Tardis that has all the thrills and spills you’d find in any New Who episode.  Plus, there’s some nice through backs to Old Who for original fans to enjoy.

Published by Broadway Books and is available online and in bookshops now!


As part of this tour, a lot of lovely publishers, authors, bloggers and agents wanted to dip into their own resources and have thus donated lots of fab prizes.  The key part about this tour is to help Tommy and his family while he fights cancer and the best way to do this is by buying his books (like this one above) or donating directly.

This Prize is a Mid-Grade special with a set of Primary school age books by Tommy from Badger Learning, a Mid-Grade Books and Goodies Pack from Bloomsbury and a Mid-Grade Mystery Prize Pack from Harper Collins!!!

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