Review: The Movie Doctors by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode


The surgery is now open . . .

For over a decade, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode have been sharing their film expertise with each other (and occasionally the odd listener) on the airwaves. Now they are donning their surgical scrubs and bringing their unique blend of deep movie knowledge and medical ignorance to their new guise as the Movie Doctors. Mayo and Kermode are armed and ready to offer improbable cinematic cures for the dilemmas of modern life.
Suffering with insomnia and need a cinematic alternative to counting sheep? The Movie Doctors prescribe The Piano. Tinnitus driving you up the wall? A dose of Interstellar can help. Stressed and anxious? The Big Lebowski is what you need. If you’re feeling your age, look no further than The Godfather. And what about movies themselves? Doctors Mayo and Kermode are also taking their scalpel to ‘sick’ movies, dissecting the perils of excessive length, the ill effects of glowing praise and warning how cosmetic surgery can change the face of a film.

Celluloid or humanoid, the Movie Doctors are here to help.


I was sent a review copy of this book upon request from the publishers.  I’m a bit of a movie nerd in some ways.  I love knowing all those stupid facts and ‘easter egg’ trivia stuff and can’t think of a better weekend than spending time of the sofa watching a classic or something I’ve never seen before.

The Movie Doctors are a two-man time in the form of Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode.  Both excellent film aficionados and regulars on radio and telly, so they know what they’re talking about when they pass judgement.  This book is a collection of mini essays, movie trivia and moments between the two doctors that look at all areas of film; past, present and future.  All neatly tied together with a lovely medical theme.

The Movie Doctors was a fun and fact-filled treat that will be the perfect treat for any movie buff or even as a great pick for reading on holiday.  It’s easy to pick up and put down on the beach but it’s so easy to get stuck in and have a giggle when the great British summer lets us down a bit.  The handily sectioned chapters are easy to follow and make the whole book a nice addition to any movie junkies books shelf (in between the DVDs, Blurays and film memorabilia, obviously).

I originally saw this book in its hardback form and was tempted to pick it up at the time but I’m glad to say that the paperback form doesn’t lose any of its charm or fun visuals; and is a great deal easier to carry in your bag!  My favourite part was the conversations between Mark and Simon as well as the little comedy sketches with the ‘patients’.  Very witty.

The Movie Doctors is a nice collections and nods to the film industry and the wonderful people who come together to create, appreciate and love movies.

Published by Canongate Books and is available to buy in paperback online and in bookshops now

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