Review: Stories from The Edge by The Edge Collective


From the perils of online chat rooms, doping in sport, racism and terrorism, to gender and self-esteem issues, love, life and death, Stories from The Edge isn’t afraid to ask some big questions. Sometimes frightening, often funny, always brutally honest, these stories will take you to where the shadows are darkest and the ground drops away. The question is, are you prepared to look over the edge?


I was sent a review copy of this book by one of the lovely authors involved in the project.  I’d been invited to join in on the blog tour and was sent a PDF edition of the book so I could get an idea of the vibe of the book ahead of time.

Stories from the Edge is a collection of short stories from some of the best YA authors on the scene at the moment.  It covers a huge amount of subject matter but they all revolve around the same core ideas: what happens when you’re at ‘the edge’?  I started reading this one Saturday afternoon thinking I’d read one or two stories and then maybe spread out reading it over a week or so but I gobbled it up in one sitting.  There was some really heart-breaking tales mixed in with high-tension thrillers but the whole book manages to balance out all the authors individual styles and talents to make it a really fantastic read.

I don’t want to pin-point any one story over another because they all have their own individual ways of standing out from the crowd.  Each author has taken this one idea and run with it in a completely different way, which is kinda amazing to see how one thought can be interpreted in so many different ways.  It goes to show you that if one idea can produce this many high-standard tales; then there is a universe of stories and ideas all around us all the time.  It just takes someone with imagination and determination to make them into stories.  From tales of guilt and sorrow to hope and love; Stories from The Edge really does cover all the spectrum of human emotions.

The Edge Collective deserve a big round of applause for producing such a great and unique piece of work and I hope it inspires readers to try picking up short story collections.  You get a great array of work to read in one novel and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to work of other people and then, hopefully, investigate other things they’ve worked on.

Published by Albury Books and is available now right here

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