Christmas is Coming!

Yes; I said the C word but I think we’ve reached the point where it’s okay to say it but maybe still too early to be hanging up the tinsel and baubles.  Which is a shame because I love the glittery twinkle of fairy lights on a tree and how they shimmer against the tinsel.

With Christmas coming, it means LOTS of busy days at my job and I often get a but tired of seeing Santa and Reindeers before we’ve even hit December.  I’ve been making advent calendars since the summer and I’m about ready to lose my mind over them.

However … there are some things that are guaranteed to make me feel Christmassy all over again.  Which seems pretty impossible right now but it’s true.

Firstly is a new one for me this year and it’s the fabulous A Boy Called Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig and Chris Mould.  I was sent this to review by the kind publishers and I feared it would just be *too* cheesy but it was superb!  Charming and wonderful to read.  I couldn’t recommend this more highly as a Christmas treat for younger readers.  Brilliantly funny and the illustrations are so gorgeous that I wish I could buy a few to hang up on my wall.


Both these books are published by Canongate Books and available online and in bookshops now.  Excellent present choices for little children and big kids (grown ups).


The other thing that’s guaranteed to raise my Christmas spirit is Muppet’s Christmas Carol and The Christmas Toy.  The first is a well-known seasonal treat that many people probably indulge in and I’m one of them.  Settling down for a good movie and a lovely hot chocolate is exactly what Santa would order.  The Christmas Toy isn’t as well-known but it’s a Jim Henson production which preceded Toy Story by YEARS and it always makes me smile.

Other MUSTS for me at Christmas:

Eating of far too much food.  The focus being on cheese, chocolate and biscuits; the key food groups.  Favourites include: Boursin & Brie, The fruit cremes in the chocolate tins & minty chocolate and Gingerbread men.

Chesnuts.  A great evening treat with a good book and even better if you can roast them on an open fire.  Though a good oven will work too.

‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday’ by Wizzard must be played at least once a day and sung along with very loudly and very badly.

So lets hope we all survive the madness of the weeks to come and when times get manic; just grab a mince pie and stuff your face.  If that fails:  Bring out the cheese and crackers!

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