Foodie Finds in 2016

Before anyone starts reading this and hoping to get some real food-snobbery tips and tricks for the year; prepare for disappointment.  I’m not a super-knowledgable about everything when it comes to fancy dining or flash cuisine but I know what I like and over the last few years have been trying new things whenever I can.

Looking back, this year has been full of new tasty delights and I’ve been really trying to  capture that in my Cooking With Spooky posts.  I really love my food and have found a real love for cooking new things so, spreading this happiness on the blog has been a delight.  I hope to keep it up over the next year and really test myself with usual recipes and techniques.

I’ve tried calves liver (which I really liked) and chicken livers (which I wasn’t so keen on) as well as learning how to make some things I’ve always enjoyed but never attempted to make myself like this Garlic Stuffed Mushroom.

After trying Mussels in recent years, Clams were an easy next step on the foodie list but they were also a bit daunting because I’d never cooked them before and I’d never eaten them before.  It’s hard to know when something is properly done when you’ve got no frame of reference but, you can’t put a good piglet down when faced with food!

Baking has also been on the cards with Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf being some highlights but I hope to do more baking in 2017.

I’d love feedback about the Foodie Posts if you have any!  What do you like about them?  What kind of recipes would you like to see more of?  Would you like to see review/round-ups about restaurants too?

Looking forward to a new year of tasting and trials and errors when it comes to cooking!

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