Pick Me Up: Take on 2017 with Bookish Help!

I know everyone is focused on Christmas still at the moment but, before we know it, the New Year will be upon us and that’s a whole new year to make new steps forward and resolutions.  I’m not really one for resolutions because they inevitably end up just becoming a noose around your neck.  I like to think of a new year as a new chapter.  We look back on the year we’ve just experienced and work out where we want to go neck and see how, and if, we can achieve it.

Pick Me Up is a book by Adam J. Kurtz that I think would be a perfect investment for a new year.

Why not take on 2017 with a new mindset and a new approach to the life you’re living?

Pick Me Up is much like the brilliant Wreck This Journal books but it encourages you to do things that are helpful to the mind and soul.  A mixture of doodle space and inspirational thoughts, Pick Me Up encourages the reader to put things down on paper to get them out of your head and, in doing so, ask questions.

This book looks like a great tool for those that struggle with things like anxiety and depression as well as people who just need a place to focus their mind when the world is so chaotic.  A self-help book without the bollocks.

For more on Pick Me Up and Adam; follow the link to his website and check out the fab video about the book.

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