Foodie Finds: January

Each month I’m going to be doing a little round up post of new foods I’ve tried, restaurants I’ve visited or even old dishes I’ve rediscovered.  I’ve really enjoyed doing my Cooking with Spooky blogs but wanted to branch out a bit more this year.  Even if you’re not a real foodie; take these posts as a little poke in your side to try new things and take on new challenges.  For me, the challenge is food.

I’ve always had an up and down relationship with food but over the past few years I’ve completely widen my vision and I can’t stop trying new things now.

This month I’ve been to two lovely new restaurants and have ventured into the world of blitzing!

The first place is a Korean restaurant in Windsor called Nam Kang.  It’s relatively new but the food is mind-blowing!  I’ve never had Korean before but the hostess was utterly charming and literally ran through the whole menu to recommend dishes and explain how it all worked.  Korean cuisine is famed for it’s babarcue and we had Beef Gal Bi (braised Ox short ribs stew pictured above) which was like butter melting off the bones.  The other dish was a delacsea called Kimchee: pickled and fermented Chinese cabbage, cucumber and radish in a special sauce.  Sounds gross but I loved it.  Spicy with that sweet and sour after taste.  The waitress was impressed and even called us “hardcore” for liking it!

Location two was Elliott’s Cafe in Borough market where I met some friend’s for a lunch.  They have a changing tapas-like menu with a mix of unusual items to tickle many tastebuds.  I tried the cheese puffs (which were a deep-fried cheese and heavenly) and the sharing steak platter which had some delicious side sauces with them.  It was a little higher on the pricing scale than I’d usually pay but a treat now and then isn’t a bad thing.  Plus; with Borough Market right outside, you can always go and explore for extra treats afterwards.

For Christmas, I was bought a blitzer as a gift and I was delighted because I’d wanted one for ages but never got round to buying one.  I made a pesto straight away and it was delicious!  However, the real test was when I got home to see if I’d actually use it all the time.  I’ve been making an effort and I’ve made myself a homemade soup of mixed green veggies and I’ve even attempted one of my favourites: hummus.

What new foodie experiences have you had this month?  I’m trying to make 2017 a year of new food discoveries and being brave by stepping out of my comfort zone and being brave.  Let’s all do it together!


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